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An opportunity is brewing...


The sweetener category has gone through many changes in the past couple of years, with stevia becoming more popular. The SPLENDA® brand has always been committed to bringing customers the great taste of sugar without all the calories, and SPLENDA® Stevia is no different.

“Until now, you may have only tasted sweeteners with stevia extract causing a bitter aftertaste,” says Product Development Manager Mandy Bos. SPLENDA® Stevia gets its unique sweetness from Reb D, one of the tastiest extracts directly from the stevia leaf. “By using Reb D, we have truly unlocked the naturally sweet taste of stevia without the aftertaste,” adds Ms. Bos. Heartland raised generations of stevia plants to breed the perfect strain.

Reb D extract is the key ingredient in all SPLENDA® Stevia products – tablets, powders and liquid. The full product range will be presented at Heartland’s booth (Hall 8, Stand 31) during the Anuga trade show.

Heartland’s new brand Java House launches the latest trend sweeping the enormously lucrative coffee market: Cold Brew Coffee. Unlike iced coffee, which is simply hot coffee poured over ice, cold brew coffee involves steeping the coffee grounds in cold water for twelve hours or longer. The result is a smooth tasting coffee with noticeably less acidity than traditional hot-brewed coffee. It can be enjoyed at any temperature – hot or cold.

Heartland’s core business has always been to make coffee, tea and water taste better. Up to today, they did it through low-calorie sweeteners, coffee creamers, coffee flavours and beverage enhancers in a variety of formats.

“Cold Brew technology produces a better tasting cup of coffee so it’s a perfect fit to Heartland’s corporate strategy,” says Ms. Bos. Java House Cold Brew Coffee is 100% authentic and ties in perfectly to the coffee specialty trend.

Java House’s signature range is handcrafted by trained baristas and contains only natural ingredients – 100% Arabica (fair trade) and water – making it a healthconscious choice. The trend is just taking off in the US, and the launch at the Anuga will ensure it commands attention in Europe as well.

“Our signature range includes a ready-to-drink Cold Brew black coffee, double espresso and decaf. We have three Cold Brew Frappés flavoured with vanilla, caramel and mocha, and we offer a solution for food service as well. It is the next big thing to hit the coffee market,” concludes Ms. Bos.

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