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Trolleys and trucks


Helge Nyberg specializes in intralogistics solutions that enhance ergonomics and efficiency in manufacturing businesses, e-commerce and order picking, the automotive industry, hospitals, airports and many other sectors where effective, reliable material handling is becoming more and more important to sustain one’s competitive edge.

“We are approaching the market as a specialist, and everything we do has to stand up to that,” CEO Peter Sprigg describes the company philosophy. “Our customers see Helge Nyberg as a specialist and all the people working for us can support our customers. This is the basis of our success.”

Helge Nyberg offers custom-made trucks and trolleys under the well-known Ergobjörn brand, taxi solutions, industrial scooters and pedal bikes as well as a wide selection of accessories to tailor the products to individual needs. “We are the only supplier to combine trolleys and picking trucks,” states Mr. Sprigg. “Nobody else can do that.”

Helge Nyberg also differentiates itself from the competition through its well thought-out solutions. “We are not just selling a product, but a solution, and our sales force has a strong know-how of the different customer segments and knows how to provide an efficient, individual solution,” says Mr. Sprigg who is the first external CEO of the family-owned company.

The company was founded by Helge Nyberg in 1958. “He worked at Volvo in the area of order picking,” explains Mr. Sprigg. “At that time orders were put into a metal box which was very heavy. He thought about how to make the job of moving the box easier. And he made a trolley with a ladder on it so the people asked him to make trolleys for them as well. This is in our DNA. We like to be very close to our customers and look into their processes and help them become more efficient and do a smarter and more ergonomic job.”

Helge Nyberg has 45 employees and turns over 75 million SEK, or approximately 7.8 million EUR. “We have grown by 70% over the last five years, with a lot of new products and strong marketing communication,” states Mr. Sprigg. All products are 100% developed and produced by Helge Nyberg.

“Our entire R&D is based on our customers’ needs,” says Mr. Sprigg. “We ask them what they need so we can make products they have a need for.” Contrary to many competitors’ products, Helge Nyberg trolleys are not welded. “We have a modular system so the companies can change their trolleys according to different needs,” explains Mr. Sprigg.

Helge Nyberg supplies many wellknown, multinational corporations, such as DHL, Scania, Volvo and Yves Rocher. “Our strongest segments are material handling in industrial production and order picking in e-commerce businesses,” states Mr. Sprigg.

Helge Nyberg ships about 60% of its intralogistics solutions abroad, to more than 60 countries worldwide. “Europe is our home market,” explains Mr. Sprigg. “We have five local sales people in Germany and partners in other markets. And we have a close relationship with Toyota Material Handling, the world’s largest material handling specialist. Our products are part of their range.”

Helge Nyberg aims to continue growing in line with the persistent trends towards e-commerce and lean material handling in production. “We will introduce new products in the future for the two areas and want to become one of the top players in the market,” says Mr. Sprigg. “Our goal is to help our customers work more efficiently and enhance their growth. We want to grow together with our customers.”

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