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These are the products that are so often overlooked when taking a glimpse at impressive building facades. However, they should not be overlooked, as they manage to create the right spacing between insulated glass layers, which is essential for perfect heat transfer.

“For many years, we have led the way in the production of spacer bars. Nevertheless, insolvency three years ago forced us to rethink our production processes and to introduce new structures in order to improve our financial situation,” points out Managing Director Sven K. Starke, who started the restructuring process in 2015 after HELIMA set up anew.

The financial investor Solvesta AG, a specialist in restructuring processes, took over HELIMA in 2015 and set the company on a sound financial basis. “We have coped with many challenges, but after successfully negotiating the first hurdles, we have retained our capacity to act in our core markets,” says Nadja Alhaus from the marketing division. “We have launched a completely new corporate identity that encompasses our new and old products. We really feel like a start-up.”

New and old employees now work together as one team based on old values and a new spirit, moving step by step towards a new future. The number of additional employees in development and production reveals how successful the restructuring process has been so far.

Following restructuring, HELIMA focused once again on its core competences in the development and production of spacers and has even introduced new solutions. “The traditional product lines based on aluminium or stainless steel have been reworked and bear the names ALUTEC and NIROTEC. Both products are stable and retain their shapes in the long term,” says Mr. Starke.

In addition to the further development of basic spacer bars, HELIMA focuses on the symbiosis of high-quality synthetic materials and metals. This means a new generation of efficient warm-edge solutions for the insulation glass industry.

“NOVITEC is our answer to the question ‘What is a high-end warm-edge solution?’,” says Mr. Starke. “Well, in principle, warm-edge spacers are a concept for the effective prevention of the thermal bridge effect on windows. The results are savings on energy and heating costs and an improvement of the room temperature.”

The NOVITEC range encompasses various types of spacer bars, including the unique biodegradable NOVITEC Primus. In addition, HELIMA offers the DESIGNTEC range for architecturally demanding projects, as well as a vast range of accessories.

No doubt, HELIMA has regained its momentum recently. It seems that there is even more to come in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings right now. The company is truly speeding ahead.

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