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The formula for food success


“It is pure innovation that has brought us to the top of the food market. We are still a family company, despite our rapid growth over the years, and as such we stand for high-quality food and pet food products, using only the best raw materials,” points out Dr. Felix Schüssler who is truly committed to Herbert Ospelt’s recipe of quality and innovation.

The company was founded by Herbert Ospelt in 1957. Some years later, the butcher’s shop opened its first production facility in order to expand meat and sausage production. In 1969, pet food was first introduced to the portfolio, a wise move, as today Ospelt ranks among the top three players in pet food within Europe.

“We have always been driven by growth, which has been realized internally as well as through acquisitions,” says Dr. Schüssler. In 1999, for instance, the company took over a pizza factory in Apolda, Germany, and, in 2004, the Panetta Holding, a leading producer of fresh sandwiches was acquired.

In 2012, Ospelt opened a new pet food plant in Apolda. The company now operates five production facilities, employing a total of 1,800 staff members and generating a turnover of 750 million CHF. “We offer a highly varied product range, including pet food, as well as many different food products. Apart from deep frozen pizza and fresh fish such as salmon, we supply chicken products and a wide range of convenience food,” explains Dr. Schüssler.

A relatively new product is the highly acclaimed Pocket Sandwich, which is a spicy alternative to sweet snacks. It takes on the two key trends that are currently very much dominating the food market. Clean eating and high-quality convenience food are the buzzwords of the market.

“The snack does not require refrigeration and only consists of a few basic ingredients. Its superior taste has been confirmed in various market studies,” says Dr. Schüssler. “The Pocket Sandwich, which is offered under our popular Malbuner brand, is aimed at consumers aged from mid-twenties to mid-forties.”

This new introduction is a good example of Herbert Ospelt’s marketing activities. In 2015, the company established contact with the Formula One Sauber Team. Advertising for the Pocket Sandwich can now be seen on the Sauber racing cars.

“We are also present in Formula Two,” adds Dr. Schüssler. “All in all, marketing in motorsport pays off and addresses our target groups. In addition, the Formula One team has a large community and provides a great impact for our products.”

Currently, Ospelt is negotiating with Pascal Wehrlein, the Formula One driver for Sauber, as he is a fresh face that would fit perfectly with the Ospelt brand image. Current trends have stimulated sales, and consumers are asking for ready-to-eat solutions that provide clean eating without any additives but they opt for low-carb food with protein. Ospelt is still working hard to develop new products that meet the zeitgeist.

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