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Speeding up bulk materials handling


Headquartered in Gelsenkirchen in the heart of the Ruhr area, HESE Maschinenfabrik is a proven expert in underground bulk materials handling with more than a century of experience to its name. “Our origins date back to 1905 when the family business was established by its namesake Ernst Hese,” says Sales Director Christian Rausch. “Right from the start, HESE specialized in devices for moving mine cars and developed patent-covered solutions, which won the company ever-growing acceptance with mining companies. In the 1960s HESE reacted to the growing demand for conveying equipment and developed belt conveyor systems specially designed for underground mining.”

The year 1975 marked a milestone in corporate history. HESE launched the first TT-intermediate drive, a revolution in conveying technology, which greatly facilitated and sped up operations underground. “Thanks to its obvious advantages, the patent-covered TT-intermediate drive technology rapidly conquered markets and became an essential part of our product range,” underlines Mr. Rausch.

“Further developed and perfected ever since, it has become our major competitive edge on domestic and foreign markets alike and the basis for our successful foreign activities.” In 2007 the traditional family business changed hands by a management buyout.

The company was restructured to better meet the challenge of opening up new markets, and Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Lojewski was appointed CEO. He has also been majority shareholder since 2012. “Headed by Mr. Lojewski, HESE Maschinenfabrik is internationally active today, with representatives and partners on foreign markets,” explains the sales director. “We offer our comprehensive range of expertise and professional skills to customers from many fields in Germany and abroad. As hard coal mining is dying out in Germany, we have geared our know-how to other fields and successfully provide our systems to power plants, and the iron and steel, stone, and cement industries. Our expertise in mining is in high demand on foreign markets, above all in Eastern Europe and Asia.”

HESE ranks with the leading manufacturers of all types of continuous conveyors, discharge conveyors, belt conveyor pulleys and hopper units, and HESE provides the unique TT-intermediate technology. “Instead of products, we are specialists for bespoke solutions from consulting, engineering, development and manufacture to the installation onsite,” states the CEO. “We have the know-how and the experience to provide complete systems tailored to the individual requirements. All our solutions are developed and made in our headquarters in Gelsenkirchen. They all feature genuine made-in-Germany quality and precision. Well proven for years, the quality and the reliable performance of our solutions have earned us a number of regular customers, including man big names such as Thyssen Krupp, RWE, Vattenfall, RAG or Salzgitter.”

Today, HESE has a staff of 108 and achieves a turnover of 20 million EUR, 50% of which is on export markets, an impressive success, as HESE started direct export activities only five years ago. “We are particularly successful in Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, India and China,” Mr. Rausch points out.

“Last year we had the biggest order volume ever on domestic and foreign markets with a definite growth tendency.” HESE is well established today in its market niche of bespoke solutions for bulk materials handling, and the specialists from Gelsenkirchen are actively engaged in further enhancing the impact, mainly on foreign markets.

“We always aim for direct contact with customers,” explains Mr. Rausch. “For example, we regularly present our solutions at trade shows such as the bauma in Munich, Schüttgut in Dortmund and at many trade shows in our target markets China, Russia, Poland and so on.

Moreover, we have established networks with other suppliers of mining technology who complement our solutions. Together we can offer complete solutions and better win projects.” In addition to the proven expertise and the quality and advanced performance of systems, the quality of services makes the difference. The expert team of HESE is readily available for on-site services across the globe.

“Now as before, the unique TT-intermediate technology is our best marketing tool,” underlines Mr. Rausch. “Compact, robust, and quick and easy assembled, the TT-intermediate drive increases both the conveying capacity and the service life of conveyor belts while reducing time and effort. Ideally suited for new installations and for retrofitting existing ones, the TT-intermediate drive reduces the TCO by up to 30%. And we keep developing the technology for the benefit of customers.

At present there are projects underway in China, Russia and Mongolia, and we are looking forward to further increasing our turnover of 20 million EUR in the future.”

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