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The right tool for the job


Despite the financial crisis that started in 2008 and the ongoing woes afflicting the Italian economy, Hoffmann Italia has successfully carved itself a position in the top two suppliers in its niche in the Italian market. Starting from practically nothing in 2003, it now has 73 employees and generates turnover of 26.5 million EUR.

Much of the credit for this success goes to the local Italian team and its managing director, Dr. Alessandro Gentili, who spent six months in Munich in preparation for the launch of the Italian subsidiary. “I previously worked for Tyrolit, one of Hoffmann Group’s suppliers, until they offered me the opportunity to head up their Italian operations,” says Dr. Gentili.

“At the time there were several options: acquisition, joint venture or start-up. Hoffmann Group decided to go for the latter to ensure that the new company would completely reflect its corporate culture. With our innovative business model, we have set a benchmark for everyone else in the industry.”

The company’s business model is based on a comprehensive product catalogue that is easy to understand and is overhauled each year. It contains around 55,000 different products from roughly 500 different suppliers.

“We preselect the best products available that offer the highest quality and the best value for money,” says Dr. Gentili. The majority of suppliers are European with 80% of products made in Germany, followed by Japan, Switzerland and Italy. “We also check new suppliers from Asia carefully as their quality is improving and their prices are competitive,” says Dr. Gentili.

Hoffmann Italia does not just sell highquality branded products; it is also a manufacturer. In-house designed products manufactured by companies worldwide and marketed under the brands Garant and Holex account for around half of sales. These are supplemented by a range of services under the name Garant 360° Tooling.

The service package is designed to improve its clients’ productivity in planning and development, supply chain management and the implementation of tools in production.

The strong performance of the Italian subsidiary means that the Hoffmann Group has approved investment funds for the construction of a new headquarters, which will also house a showroom. “With the support of our parent group, we hope to achieve our goal of being the number-one supplier in the Italian market,” says Dr. Gentili in conclusion.

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