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Making products look spectacular


Holbox, a family owned company, was founded in 1976. In 2000, the business moved to Echt, which was a more suitable location because it placed the headquarters nearer to Belgium, Germany and France.

In addition to its location in Echt, the firm has another manufacturing plant in Gliwice, Poland. To better serve its clientele, Holbox operates several sales offices in Germany, France and the Netherlands. From the beginning, the company has provided a complete range for all point of sale material, from the first sketch to the actual production, packaging and shipping of the finished product.

Due to its large scale success, the business is split into three separate branches: display, packaging and print. This separation allows Holbox to work more efficiently and ensures that the very best product is what gets delivered to each customer, every time.

The largest branch of the firm is display. Customers can choose from a wide variety of display options, which include the following: pallet, floor, specials, counter, leaflet tray, lifesize, rolling action and honeycomb.

“A pallet display is probably the most common type and the one many consumers are familiar with,” says Jan Hol, CEO and Founder. These displays usually have multiple levels and different shelves or compartments to place products on or in.

A floor display is usually longer and narrower that often functions well as a type of point-of-sale (POS) display. A POS display is a special form of sales promotion that is found near, on, or next to the checkout counter.

Specials are fun displays that usually incorporate lights or rotate around. “These displays are almost impossible for the customer to ignore and we have many different special displays the client can choose from,” adds Mr. Hol.

A lifesize display helps people and fictional characters practically come to life. They are hard to miss and can provide a great photo op for the consumer. For example, a person can take a picture with the lifesize display of their favourite football player or character from a movie.

To bring more lifesize displays to a wider variety of clients, Holbox opened up a webshop in the beginning of September 2016. The webshop allows customers to design a lifesize cardboard figure online and get it delivered in a few days.

“We set up the webshop and the creation of customized lifesize designs to better serve our small business clientele and to also open Holbox up to the individual customer that might want a single display for a special event,” explains Mr. Hol.

To promote its new webshop and get the word out about the lifesize displays, the business is using social media for the first month, radio for the second and television for the third. That way, it reaches different audiences through different communication platforms and can see which advertising medium is the most effective.

Other than its large amount of display options and webshop, Holbox continues to keep the innovative streak it was founded with alive and well. This can clearly be seen with the newest type of display to be offered by the company, the 2 Second Display series.

This special series got its name because it only takes a couple of seconds to set-up, which is great for pop-up events, special promotions or just as a general time saver. The display can be printed in each client’s unique corporate style, has a professional appearance and comes in 15 different varieties.

However, it is important to note that Holbox focuses on more than design. The business knows how important its second branch, packaging, is to its customers as well. Besides acting as a protective barrier for products, packaging is a great way for companies to communicate with their clientele.

The package and design giant knows exactly how to create visually appealing packaging that will always be in line with the message the product is trying to convey. Due to large scale customization options, innovative product ideas and 40 years of experience, it’s easy to see why Holbox is so popular with its clients.

“We’re a one-stop-shop,” says Mr. Hol. “We complete every step of the project in-house and will even install the display at the POS if the customer wants us to.” On top of everything the company already offers, it also promises a maximum of a two week delivery time from when the order comes into the company and when it is delivered to the client.

Furthermore, the business puts out its own magazine ‘Instore Only’, which showcases its products and services to existing customers. Future plans for Holbox include developing even more innovative design ideas and methods, expanding the webshop and becoming even more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the company already is.

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