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The taste of sweet success


Many people would probably agree that the sweetest job of all would be to work at a confectionery manufacturer. That is precisely what HOSTA’s Marketing Manager Anika Färber thought. Familiar with the company since her childhood, Ms. Färber was quite excited to become part of the HOSTA family and remains impressed by the company’s management and values.

“In particular, I was very positively surprised that all of the company’s products are manufactured at just one location, and that its entire product offering is really ‘Made in Germany’. HOSTA does not produce anything outside of Germany and yet its products are still in high demand. The fact that we manufacture all of the products here ourselves makes me proud, and I want to spread this message,” Ms. Färber highlights.

Some of these well-known products include Mr. Tom and Mr. Jim, which are peanut products, Nippon puffed rice and Nippolino praline, and Romy Original and Romy Summer Edition, which are both made with coconut. “I’ve known and enjoyed many of these products since my childhood, and I like to pass on that same sense of enjoyment to others,” says Ms. Färber.

HOSTA prides itself on its longstanding tradition of family-centered values and products. Traditional does not mean out of date, however, and the manufacturer has kept its competition at bay by adapting both its products and production for today’s consumer.

“We have an excellent quality management unit and select only the very best raw materials. For example, the nuts that we use must be flawless. This also impacts our packaging, which must be at least partially made from recyclable materials,” Ms. Färber notes.

HOSTA is aware of the many challenges facing the industry and is always taking active measures to stay ahead in the market. Of utmost importance is maintaining a trustworthy brand name. “There are more and more food scandals, which is why people are really looking for a brand that they know and can trust. Consumers are also willing to invest a bit more money in a trusted brand, rather than potentially wasting money on an inferior product,” points out Ms. Färber.

Although the competition has become increasingly tough, HOSTA continues to introduce new products and maintains a healthy export business with Great Britain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and France. The confectionery manufacturer also has an online shop, where anyone from all over the world can purchase HOSTA products. In addition to a strong social media presence, promotional cooperations with influencers and supermarket chains have also helped the company succeed.

Anika Färber
We pride ourselves in being a family company. That’s one of our unique selling points. Anika FärberMarketing Manager

Following the recent and untimely death of former CEO Hermann Opferkuch, Jr., HOSTA has been under the third generation of leadership with Ms. Opferkuch, granddaughter of HOSTA’s founder. Ms. Färber is fully confident that Ms. Opferkuch will successfully guide the company in the years ahead.

“We have new products in the pipeline and are modernizing a lot of our processes. We must and want to move forward,” underlines Ms. Färber. The marketing manager is mindful of the company’s core values, however, adding, “For the last 70 years, we have always had very high-quality products. We have the commitment to our partners and our customers to maintain our high standards. HOSTA is known for its tradition and culture, and that has continued to bring us success.”