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Heaven is a village in France


In fact it was Walt Disney himself who saw the potential of a unique hotel in this prime location. “We have hosted a great number of celebrities here. The Chèvre D’Or started out as a restaurant in the 1950s. And Disney fell so in love with the spot, that he stayed for weeks – and finally convinced the original restaurant owner to open up a hotel as well,” recalls Thierry Naidu, Director of Hostellerie Du Chateau De La Chèvre D’Or.

And while there are certainly a number of luxury resorts in the south of France, the Chèvre D’Or is unique. “We are literally a luxury village. Our hotel includes a third of the medieval houses of Eze. We have a garden that extends over 100,000m². Beautiful citrus trees and flowers welcome our guests upon arrival. Panoramic views, sculptures, hidden jacuzzis, terraces, and our outdoor pool complement this concept. It is indeed a heavenly place – and a very relaxing one,” explains Mr. Naidu.

Thierry Naidu is very passionate about the Chèvre D’Or. He has been hotel director for over 25 years and opened his own hospitality consulting company “Phoenix” located in the hotel grounds which helps him bring in fresh ideas for the management of Chèvre D’Or as a luxury resort.

One such idea is bringing 21st century technology to his hospitality enterprise. Digital transformation to Thierry Naidu is indeed compatible with the magic, relaxing place he manages as director. In fact, he makes it part of it.

“We have developed what we call a virtual concert. Our guests can download our hotel application that offers them a special Chèvre D’Or music program. They can also use this app to access our services for instance. Imagine you are enjoying one of our garden jacuzzis and want a drink brought to you. We want our guests to have the option to call for service wherever they are on our grounds,” explains Mr. Naidu.

But Chèvre D’Or also stayed close to its roots in some areas, especially when it comes to culinary and food experiences: Four restaurants are part of the hotel, le Café Jardin right by the pool, the terrace restaurant Les Remparts for unique Mediterranean lunches, and Eden for pleasurable dining experiences.

Finally for lunch or Dinner, La Chevre D’Or that has indeed been crowned Michelin stars. “We have two Michelin stars right now. And a new, dynamic chef joined our team last year. He is very ambitious and pushing us towards a third star, no doubt about it,” says Mr. Naidu. “We have a lot of people coming in from the rest of the Riviera, Monaco for instance, just to dine with us. So we need to go with the demand and aim for even higher goals.”

Chèvre D’Or caters to an international clientele that appreciates that Thierry Naidu sees his role as director almost as a calling. Amongst the many Americans, Europeans and Asians that come as guests, many have made their stay at the hotel a regular experience.

Again, it is digital technology that plays a key role in the return rate of guests “Our guests share their experience with us via our app. And we take this feedback very seriously. Our winter break gives us time to reflect on the feedback and, if necessary, bring about changes or improvements,” explains Mr. Naidu.

The Chèvre D’Or is a unique resort in many respects. A medieval theatre in possibly the best Mediterranean location. With luxury service and 21st century technology. So heaven is indeed a village in France. Or a hotel, for that matter.

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