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A hotel fit for both business and leisure


Opened in 2009, Hotel Savannah is a four-star deluxe hotel that offers a wide range of features and services. In addition to its 77 guest rooms, the hotel also has a large amount of space available for events. Private functions can be held in one of Hotel Savannah’s eight conference rooms.

“Events are an extremely important part of our business,” says Hotel Director Andrei Antoniu. The conference areas can seat 100 to 250 people, depending on the room, and can be used for meetings, receptions or any other group gathering. “We hope to host many more events in the future,” explains Mr. Antoniu.

Guests can also take advantage of the impressive spa located in the hotel, which includes a 22m by 8m pool, sauna, beauty treatments and Ayurveda healing remedies. Additionally, the spa provides its customers with a state-of-the-art fitness facility filled with a variety of exercise equipment.

Guests are also given the opportunity to purchase one of the hotel’s customized packages. These packages typically include accommodation for a set number of days, select meals as well as access to the spa and casino. Because the hotel, spa and casino are accessible under one roof, these packages are very appealing to customers.

Hotel Savannah allows its standard deals to be booked year round, while other packages are seasonal. “We constantly create new package deals,” explains Mr. Antoniu. “The Valentine’s Day package is our special offer in February, for example.” Other deals include honeymoon, health and cosmetic packages.

The hotel lies on the Czech side of the Austrian-Czech Republic border, and most of its customers come from these two countries. However, it also attracts an international clientele of 10%, consisting mainly of people from Germany and Slovakia. The hotel welcomes a majority of business travelers during the week, but during the weekend, Hotel Savannah accommodates mostly tourists.

Last year, Hotel Savannah achieved its highest occupancy rate since it opened. Mr. Antoniu hopes to build on that success in the future. “Our goal is to raise our occupancy rate by another 10 to 15% in the next couple of years,” he says. “We strive to uphold our service standards and, in turn, attract more customers.”

With a diverse selection of amenities and packages on offer, Hotel Savannah is sure to satisfy its customers for many years to come.

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