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High voltage, highest quality


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HSP is a leading German, internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of high-voltage technology for the energy industry. The company specializes in bushings, insulated conductors which are used to feed electrical energy into buildings, transformer stations or large power transformers. In high-voltage applications, bushings need to include effective corona shielding solutions to prevent undesirable partial discharges resulting in material fatigue.

“We deliver highest-category high-voltage bushings that keep power losses to an absolute minimum,” says CEO and Technical Director Erdal Eroglu who joined HSP in February 2017, having worked for Siemens for 18 years. HSP covers the entire product spectrum and offers transformer bushings, switchgear bushings, generator bushings, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) bushings and test bushings as well as a wide range of services from technical support and expert opinions to on-site electrical measurements and chemical analyses.

Founded in 1893, as a division of Meirowsky & Co. in Porz, a district of Cologne, HSP has 125 years of experience and technical knowhow in the sector. The company became independent in 1989 and, since 2007, has been located in Troisdorf, south of Cologne, where it operates a modern, ultra-high-voltage production and testing facility.

Today, HSP is a 100% subsidiary of Siemens and employs 340 people. Including indirect exports through its customers, HSP ships 80% of its bushings abroad. “We are involved in large energy projects across the globe,” states Mr. Eroglu. “When Siemens or other companies supply a transformer, we provide the suitable bushings.”

HSP is currently working on an exceptionally large-scale job in China, the Changji-Guquan project, the world’s first 1,100 kV ultra-high-voltage direct current transmission link which will run over 3,400 km from Changji in the country’s northwest to Xuancheng in the densely populated eastern coastal region.

“We supply the transformer bushings for the project, the largest we have ever made,” explains Mr. Eroglu. “It is a very challenging project which underlines our technological leadership in the sector.”

HSP delivers bushings of the highest performance and durability. “Our products are designed to work reliably for up to 40 years and above,” says Mr. Eroglu, describing the outstanding quality of HSP bushings. To guarantee maximum, long-term quality, the company is equipped with a modern, ultra-high-voltage production and testing facility at its site in Troisdorf.

“HSP stands for the utmost quality for the most demanding high-voltage applications,” states Mr. Eroglu. “Our testing criteria are more rigorous than required by the industry standard. New customers often choose HSP because they cannot obtain the quality they need elsewhere.”

HSP also distinguishes itself from the competition through its capability of working with special materials, such as silicone or resin-impregnated paper, and through its coverage of all customer demands, from small bushings to large-scale solutions measuring over 20 m in length.

“In addition, we can provide 100% individually customized solutions that perfectly meet the client’s specific technical requirements,” adds Mr. Eroglu. “And in urgent cases at the shortest notice.”

HSP wants to achieve sustainable growth, in line with increasing market demand. “We benefit from being part of Siemens, but we are also very flexible in meeting all third-party customers’ high-voltage needs,” concludes Mr. Eroglu.