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Strong roots


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“Today, we operate as part of a small group; we merged with Simon Bois in 2017, which led to new potential for the company as a whole,” explains Isabelle Huet, who leads Huet Bois SA in the third family generation.

Her grandfather founded Huet Bois 70 years ago in 1948. “Our company runs four saw lines, processing 450 m³ of wood per day.” Out of this wood, Huet Bois manufactures a variety of products. “The measurements of the available stems determine the products we make of them,” explains Ms. Huet. “Our portfolio contains stems with or without bark that have been shortened to a specific length as well as pointed poles and semifinished products. However, all our products are still in the original round tree shape; we do not sell slats or boards.”

Huet Bois’s products are applied in different areas, including fences for horse breeding and other purposes, support for trees in orchards, and, of course, in construction. “Our customers are both direct users as well as resellers,” states the General Director. These customers are based not just in Belgium, but also in other EU countries, including the Netherlands, Germany and France, as well as Ireland and the UK, Italy and even North Africa. “Up to 80% of our products go into export.”

Beside appreciating wood as a natural material, all of Huet Bois’s customers share their valuation of the company’s speedy production and excellent customer service as well as the exceedingly high product quality. “We source our wood locally, within a 100 km radius,” Ms. Huet says. “Our region, situated in the southeast of Belgium, provides wood of very good quality which is a clear advantage for us in the market.”

Suppliers are both private forest owners and public authorities. “We visit the forests in question and carefully examine the trees before we make the decision to buy,” the General Director explains. “The main basis for the decision is the criteria concerning the preservation of resources. A good forestry management supports the development of a healthy forest.”

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