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White teeth, bright smile


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In 2000, with a long history in distributing dental products, IDS began developing its own brands. “We wanted to bring something new and innovative to the market,” says Marketing Manager Andrea Picarelli, whose grandfather founded the company after the Second World War. “Today, although we distribute other brands, we mostly concentrate on our own products.”

A very successful partnership with a Canadian teeth-whitening system manufacturer enabled IDS to become the Italian market leader between 2010 and 2012; when the Canadian firm gave up the patent and IDS found itself without a product, the company decided to develop its own whitening technology.

Research and experience led to the launch of BlancOne, an efficient system with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which allows dentists to offer ten-minute treatments without side effects and costing only 50 EUR to patients; whitening is often carried out as part of a professional hygiene treatment. IDS has regained its position as number one in the Italian whitening market – in 2019, 235,000 treatments were carried out – and also achieves strong sales in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Alongside BlancOne, IDS core business involves infection control, oral care and products for conservative dentistry.

Last year in Italy, sales of BlancOne grew by 23%. The product is also well-known in other European markets. Andrea PicarelliMarketing Manager
Andrea Picarelli

Research and development continues to play an important role. “We work with an exclusive, research team on the continual improvement of BlancOne, and we have a network of experts who test new formulations,” says Mr. Picarelli. “Through cooperations with various universities, we also undertake research on other products, for example materials for 3D printing.”

IDS’s products are sold via a network of distributors in Italy, and through exclusive delers in foreign markets. “BlancOne has given us a strong international presence, but nevertheless, this is just the start,” Mr. Picarelli sums up. “We are well established in Western Europe and several South East Asia markets, are now working on formulations for the US, and looking to enter the Eastern European and Middle East markets.”

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