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How to achieve market leadership – and sustain it


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Based in Rain am Lech in Bavaria, IFA Technology offers a wide portfolio of automated weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing systems for solid and liquid material applications in all industrial sectors. The product range includes plants for handling raw materials and finished products, weighing, mixing and dosing systems, automation solutions and special, individually customized processing plants and systems.

In particular, the company is the global leader in plant engineering for resin processing for surface treatment applications in the furniture and flooring industries. Established in 1980, IFA Technology has 40 years of engineering experience in the sector of resin processing.

“Since 2015, we have been a member of Deurotech Group, which is headquartered in Langenfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia,” says Stefan Neumann, Head of Sales, who likes to work for a successful, medium-sized enterprise with superior products and a worldwide presence. “We benefit from the Group’s international distribution network, which includes its own subsidiary in the USA.”

Besides IFA Technology, Deurotech comprises three other, market-leading businesses, which together cover the complete value chain in surface coating and impregnation. Vits Technology, which is also situated in Langenfeld, is the world’s largest supplier of impregnation solutions for laminate films.

Located in Hamburg, Wessel-Umwelttechnik offers high-tech systems for biological and chemical exhaust air purification and energy recovery and is one of the leading providers of process engineering solutions in the sector of environmental technology. The comprehensive services portfolio is rounded off by the Italian company Airprotech, which specializes in thermal and catalytic exhaust air purification systems and adsorption wheels.

IFA Technology equipment is used in all kinds of industries, ranging from the automotive sector, the chemical industry and construction materials to food production, pharmaceuticals and plastics. “We provide customized weighing, mixing and dosing solutions for chemicals, paints, foodstuffs, animal feed and many other materials,” states Mr. Neumann. “As long as it is solid or liquid, we can handle it.”

As long as it is solid or liquid, we can handle it. Stefan NeumannHead of Sales
Stefan Neumann, Head of Sales of IFA Technology GmbH

The company’s fully automated weighing, mixing and dosing systems are designed for the processing of both solid and liquid materials and available as standard, compact units ready to operate. Most plants and systems leaving the factory, however, are specifically adapted to the clients’ individual requirements. “We aim to be as flexible as possible and offerour customers everything from a single source, including excellent support,” Mr. Neumann describes the philosophy of the dynamically evolving engineering firm.

Another distinguishing factor is the innovative power of IFA Technology, which shows in its pioneering approach to the digitalization of industrial manufacturing. “We have been doing Industry 4.0 for over 20 years,” explains Mr. Neumann. “Our plants and systems have always been networked. We never rest on our laurels but always aim to offer the latest technology.”

To keep ahead of the competition and advance its global leadership, IFA Technology is constantly improving its products further and making them more efficient. At present, the company is working on process heat recovery to save both energy and CO2 emissions.

“If we want to stay market leader, we have to translate our know-how into value-adding solutions,” says Mr. Neumann. “This enables us to charge a premium, which would not be possible with standard equipment.”

Another future-oriented, value-adding digitalization initiative started by IFA Technology last year is about networking all of the company’s plants and systems with the customer’s network infrastructure. “It is the first step towards paperless manufacturing,” states Mr. Neumann. “We use self-learning processes, cloud-based solutions and driverless transport systems to achieve the next level in industrial digitalization.”

The goal of IFA Technology is to further grow its international market position and innovation leadership. “We want to perfectly meet our customers’ demands, not only theirs but also those of the final customers,” explains Mr. Neumann. “Our focus is on setting the standard in Europe and using the advantages of a globalized world. At the same time, we want to contribute to saving precious natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint.”

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