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Always a good solution


In Poland, there has been one name in particular that has stood out in mobile asset leasing in the past 15 years. IKB Leasing Polska, a 100% subsidiary of the German IKB Deutsche Industriebank Group, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year – clear proof that the company’s leasing portfolio has met the exact requirements of Polish industry.

“We have specialized in asset leasing with a clear focus on industrial equipment,” points out Dr. Wilfried Barth, Managing Director of IKB Leasing Polska. “We dispose of elaborate object know-how on machinery and plants. And we have used this specialization to our advantage since our foundation in 1999. We cooperate with the market leaders in machinery production for the shaping of metal and injection molding as well as the woodworking and printing industries.”

IKB Leasing Polska has become a successful leasing partner to small and medium-sized companies in Poland, undoubtedly favoured by the positive attitude of Polish industry towards leasing solutions.

“Leasing is a good solution between building up your own capital and opting for a conventional loan. Today, about 65% of our services focus on operational leasing, maintaining maximum liquidity for the lessee. However, we remain the proprietor of the assets,” explains Dr. Barth. “Likewise, we offer finance leasing as well as loans. The latter option we have introduced specially for the Polish market as it allows for a much earlier payment of subsidies.”

Due to IKB Leasing Polska’s specialization in machines and industrial equipment, and particularly in agricultural machinery, this segment has experienced above-average growth. “Some of our customers are German companies operating a Polish subsidiary. We can guarantee them the same reliable processes they know from their home market,” says Dr. Barth.

In close cooperation with the customer, IKB Leasing Polska tries to create satisfying solutions that include tax and trade law issues as well as all relevant questions on risk assessment. “We also offer financing in multiple currencies, which helps customers to avoid exchange risks. We are a competent partner when it comes to applications for subsidies and flexible terms,” stresses Dr. Barth.

Above all, the customer is IKB Leasing Polska’s main asset, and the company strives for long-standing and close relationships in order to reach a win-win situation that adds value for both parties involved.

In the coming years, IKB Leasing Polska will introduce new ways of data communication for the customer. “Digitalization is on the rise, and we aim to create added value for our customers. In the near future, they will be able to access all their data,” says Dr. Barth. “So at any time, they will have right at hand the data we have stored with regard to their contracts. At the end of the day, we still operate a real business and aim to build up trust and cooperate with our customers.”

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