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Everything runs smoothly


IKV Tribologie specializes in customized solutions designed to meet individual customer specifications. “Our high-performance lubricants even work in harsh conditions. Just take the fabrication of a car tyre, for instance, that has to withstand extreme temperatures. We operate in a niche market, but we clearly have the knowledge of industrial technologies, material specifications and quality criteria. These, as well as price, define our outstanding position in lubricant manufacturing,” says Managing Director Jean-Pascal Borde.

IKV Tribologie focuses on industrial manufacturing processes and maintenance applications as well as applications in the automotive sector aimed at improving comfort. An example are noise-damping greases which control motion and noise in addition to their wear-reducing function.

The company’s range of automotive interior trim coatings are also designed to reduce squeaks and rattles in the vehicle interior. Automotive solutions generate 40% of the company’s turnover. In 2014, turnover reached nine million EUR. With the opening of a second production hall, IKV Tribologie expects capacity and sales to rise.

The company, with 28 staff members at its French sites plus another 15 people at its international distribution branches, has earned the respect of industrial customers and the automotive equipment sector in particular.

“We serve the likes of Faurecia, Valeo, Magna, Johnson Control and others. This customer group really appreciates our approach and our ability to recommend the best-suited lubricant for each application,” says Mr. Borde. “Customers are constantly asking for a more sophisticated production, which has indeed become our driving force. This is why we are pushing new developments that match the exact requirements of our customers.”

The company was founded in 1995 by Mr. Borde, who holds a 50% share in his company. “We are highly export oriented, boasting an export rate of 50%,” points out Mr. Borde. Since 2005, IKV Tribologie has operated sales offices in the United Kingdom and Turkey. Only in 2013, it strengthened its presence in Europe when it opened new offices in Germany in 2013 and in Italy in 2015.

“Our products are 100% manufactured in France. Our international sales offices enable us to be near our customers, most of them local OEMs,” adds Mr. Borde.

IKV Tribologie’s lubricants, including oil, paste, grease and dry film, resolve even the most difficult situations in various environments and are used for bearings, gears, chains and other industrial components. The company operates a technical division for customized product development and quality control as well as a fully-equipped R&D laboratory with a special focus on tribology and materials research. “If required we can custom design a product within a month. In addition, we even manufacture in small series, whereas many large manufacturers only handle large quantities.”

In December 2015, IKV Tribologie opened a second production site near its headquarters. “The new site allows us to repatriate product manufacturing that has been located elsewhere. For instance, the process of saponification and the production of greases, amongst others, will move back to our premises. We are going to have 100% of the production in our hands,” says Mr. Borde. “This will improve quality and our ability to deliver.”

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