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Looking good – seeing well


“Our Ultralight, Colorline and i-spax lines are the three main pillars to our success,” says Managing Director Marco Finster. “We are able to see and implement innovative trends and always deliver the styles that our customers are looking for.”

IMAGO was founded in 1990 by Rainer Laepple who had been distributing Italian spectacles in Germany beforehand. “Mr. Laepple started off with metal framed spectacles, which were produced in Italy, with fun, extravagant designs. They became hugely successful,” Mr. Finster explains. “Throughout the 1990s, the trend turned towards more simple, held-back designs. Mr. Laepple wanted to enter this path, and he also wanted to give up some of his responsibilities. That’s why I joined the company in 1999.”

It was Mr. Finster who implemented a second, more sophisticated range, i-spax, and set up a new sales force for the German market while beginning to develop export activities. The company added various ranges over the years. In 2012, IMAGO launched both its Colorline and Ultralight lines.

“Colorline is an innovative collection of spectacles where the customers can change the earpieces themselves. They can choose from a variety of colours and can change them depending on their mood or outfit,” the Managing Director explains. “We bring out new coulours and designs on a regular basis and just a few weeks ago we hit the mark of 50,000 sold spectacles of this range, which is quite something as we are only a medium-sized business.”

IMAGO has every right to be proud as it also was awarded the Bavarian Export Prize for this success. The company employs 15 permanent members of staff and another 15 external sales representatives.

Annual turnover amounts to four million EUR, 30% of which are achieved through export. “We service a total of 25 countries,” says Mr. Finster. “The European market with Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria is very strong. We are also developing the Scandinavian and Southern European markets. Furthermore we have longstanding relationships to countries including Australia and New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Namibia and South Africa.”

IMAGO’s target group are wholesalers. “We address opticians exclusively,” the Managing Director adds. The company is a well-known player in the industry. Mr. Finster attributes this success mainly to his reliable team of staff and their will to innovation and entering new paths. “The fact that we are able to react extremely fast whenever trends change has become a unique selling point for IMAGO.”

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