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Supply chain experts from Italy


“We are true experts in supply chains,” he says. “We span the complete chain from advising on the search for the best suppliers, R&D and buying activities through to logistics and financial support. Today, companies of all sizes have to reduce their fixed costs. We support them by, for example, reducing their stock, and improving their cash flow and overall performance.”

Focusing on the production of materials for the mechanical and electromechanical market, Imagro’s service spectrum encompasses global sourcing, advanced logistics, supply chain management, consulting, industrialization, new technology and energy conservation.

“We search for the most suitable component or machine,” says Mr. Pollio. “Once we have identified a supplier and the product is approved, we purchase the product on behalf of our client in accordance with the purchase agreement. Then we sell it to our client. If required, we also keep products in stock for our customers.”

In addition to the mechanical and electromechanical market, Imagro is a household name in different industries such as home appliances, construction, raw materials, automotive, lighting and design.

The company is a global player and achieves around 90% of its annual turnover outside of Italy. In fact 30% comes from outside of Europe. In addition to its head office in Genoa, the supply chain specialist operates branch offices in Milan, Egypt, the USA, the UK and Poland. Furthermore, the company cooperates with agents and partners in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Iran, Japan and Mexico.

Often, Imagro services overseas companies which come to Europe to buy and vice versa. “In a way, we are like a two-way hub,” says Mr. Pollio. “Among our main customers, we have big groups such as Whirlpool, Legrand, Electrolux and General Electric. We work for overseas customers who aim to source in Europe, and we work for European clients who want to buy components outside of Europe. Today, overseas markets are a big opportunity for European companies. We take on the storage services, even if there are great distances involved, for example, to Egypt, Asia or the US. If required, we undertake the complete warehouse management on behalf of our customers. Most of the emerging markets have a poor supply chain. Therefore it is important to establish an efficient flow of goods.”

Imagro’s latest involvement is as a procurement agent, having signed a contract as advisor to the most important Egyptian construction company, which is building two main gas electrical plants near Cairo.

The company will purchase part of the equipment and components on behalf of its client and also deal with the related financial arrangements. Imagro also established a small production and assembly unit in Egypt.

In order to ensure complete transparency, all clients are supplied with a report listing the exact quantities which were bought. Imagro – the Italian Manufacturing Group – was founded in 1997 as a distributor of industrial components for electrical household appliances.

The business grew steadily, and today it is a team of 40 people. The group achieves annual turnover of around 80 million EUR. In the coming years, Imagro aims to enhance its international market position and double its turnover.

“We would like to achieve 200 million EUR by 2017,” says Mr. Pollio. Expansion into India and Brazil are key issues on the company’s future agenda. “Usually, companies have a one-to-one relationship with a supplier,” explains Mr. Pollio. “We take a broader view of the market. We act as a solution provider, and our business model is unique.”

Also in 2012, Mr Pollio and three partners established the Flying Angels Foundation: the only ‘tour operator of life, free of charge’ in the world. It provides airline tickets to children in health emergency situations who need to be transferred urgently to a health center in order to receive life-saving treatments.

Flying Angels supports poor families who need help to give life expectancy to their chvildren, wherever they are. Since 2012, the company has supported 740 cases worldwide. “We developed the service for parents who could not afford the flight cost to reach the hospital and stay with their children,” says Mr. Pollio. “Around the world, almost 100,000 children per year die due to the lack of emergency transportation.”

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