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Industrial valves for critical applications – 111 years of expertise


“As manufacturers of industrial valves we are able to provide all processes at our site in Sankt Ingbert,” says Andreas Zerfass, Managing Director of IMI Th Jansen. “This includes sales, construction, purchasing, production and distribution of a vertically integrated product range. We are highly autonomous and have developed very high standards.”

Specialized products for various industries

IMI Th Jansen serves the iron and steel industry, water and power plants, and the chemical and petrochemical industries. Its customers are large equipment manufacturers from these industrial sectors. Of course, the company provides customized solutions for each application.

“We are the preferred supplier of butterfly valves to the French energy company EDF,” highlights Kevin Turnsek, Sales Manager. “We are able to offer water valves with special diameters of 1,200 to 2,300 mm. Generally, we produce valves of diameters between 200 and 4,000 mm.”

“We are the preferred supplier of butterfly valves to the French energy company EDF.” Kevin Turnsek Sales Manager

Special valves for the iron and steel industry are particularly heat resistant and are able to withstand temperatures as high as 1,500°C. The chemical industry has a need for critical special applications - valves which can resist aggressive substances such as acids and aggressive, potentially explosive gases.

A wealth of know-how

One of the secrets to IMI Th Jansen's great success is its long-standing experience in the business. “We have a wealth of know-how stored up at our site,” emphasizes Mr. Zerfass. “What's more, we have a solid distribution network, the marketing might of a corporate group behind us. Add to that our optimal decision strategies and high flexibility and you have all the ingredients you need for success.”

Founded in 1903, IMI Th Jansen can boast over 100 years of expertise in its field. Since November 2011, the company has been part of the IMI corporate group. In 2013 a new management team was brought in to undertake integration into the group, mainly by implementing IMI's standards and guidelines.

“We have made some changes concerning our production and processes,” says Mr. Zerfass, who has been with the company for more than ten years and took over the position of Managing Director in 2013. “Health and safety has been an important topic in the past as well as the environment. We have also improved our production by implementing lean processes.”

To reach its aim of increasing turnover, the company, which has 120 employees, relies strongly on international business. With export levels above the 70% mark and end-users all over the world, for example in China, Mexico, the USA and the Middle East, IMI Th Jansen is a truly globally oriented company.

“We have a wealth of know-how stored up at our site.” Andreas Zerfass Managing Director

IMI Th Jansen's marketing strategy encompasses print media, attendance at major trade fairs such as the World Expo in Düsseldorf, as well as info management and the company's own website. In the course of the recent changes, in 2014 IMI Th Jansen was given a new brand image and a new logo to unify its appearance as a member of IMI and embed these changes visually for its customers.

Prepared for the future

For the future, IMI Th Jansen has plans to modernize its site and invest in its infrastructure. “While we have large customers in water and power, we intend to develop the business area of drinking water supplies worldwide,” says Mr. Turnsek. “Also, we are planning to double our turnover within the next five years and broaden our lineup on a global scale,” he adds. “The many ongoing changes in the energy sector make this necessary.”

The company’s response to the current upheaval in the nuclear power market caused by political developments is to ensure it achieves the necessary specifications for its target markets in this field. “We have a very high level of expertise in the field of industrial valves for critical special applications,” Mr. Zerfass emphasizes. “Not everyone can do what we do.”

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