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Full-service in the banking sector


The company was founded in Zurich in 2007. “The Maerki Baumann holding is serving as parent company,” explains Roland Eilinger, CEO of InCore Bank and in this position since April 2013. “As a purely transactional bank and service provider, we are able to operate with the necessary neutrality.

In order to expand our field of operation, we won several additional banks between 2008 and 2013, and cooperate with the professional IT company Inventx since 2012.” At the present time, InCore Bank works as a transaction bank for seven private banks, with a team of 55 people at its Swiss headquarters and was able to generate an annual turnover of more than 20 million CHF.

“Although we are an officially authorized bank, we are in fact an outsourcing service supplier,” states the CEO. “By means of our comprehensive banking solutions, our customers are able to concentrate on their core business. We take over all processes that are characterized by a high degree of standardization, for example downstream banking procedures like monetary transactions, brokerage, custody ccounts or IT operations and maintenance.

Except for direct customer contact and consultancy, InCore Bank offers a complete package including business process insourcing for the Swiss banking industry.” Being the only pure transaction bank on the domestic market, InCore Bank is one of a kind in the Swiss banking environment.

“Our target groups are private and asset management banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein,” says Mr Eilinger. “In general, we focus on banks with up to 200 employees.” In terms of marketing, the company makes use of specific channels.

“There is only very little general advertising,” explains the CEO. “Usually, we promote our services in specialist magazines or directly approach CEOs of potential banks.” InCore Bank justifies its success on the Swiss market with its extensive services, neutrality and independence. “We are able to offer solutions from a single source, including worldwide stock exchange trading,” emphasizes Mr Eilinger.

“In the future, we strive to respond even better to customer requirements and demands. Additionally, up to three banking clients per year shall be recruited. By means of these goals, we expect a profitable growth in the time to come.”

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