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High-quality aluminium die castings


Industrie Metalpres specializes in the production of die cast aluminium components ranging in size from 8 to 10 kg. The company has a long history in the sector and was originally founded in 1987.

“We bought the company out of insolvency with the intention to implement a new business strategy, building on the experience of its long-term employees,” says Luca Rubega. “We were also able to take over the company’s existing customer base and subsidiary manufacturing plant in Romania.”

The company provides employment for 115 people in Italy and a further 140 workers in Romania – all of whom are doubtless relieved that the company’s future is now secure. “We plan to finish the year with turnover of 24 million EUR and then build each year from there,” adds Mr. Rubega. “We are well positioned from a business perspective and have already implemented a number of important projects in the past three months, which make us very confident about the future and will guarantee us an increase in turnover for 2014 of 14%.”

All of the aluminium components manufactured in Industrie Metalpres’s two plants are made to order in accordance with customer specifications.

“Our work begins with the creation of the die moulds, which are frequently developed at the same time that the product itself is designed,” explains Mr. Rubega. “By becoming involved in this early stage of the process, we can advise customers on the how to design the product so that it will be easy to produce. This is the key to keeping production costs down.”

Once the design has been agreed on, Industrie Metalpres works out all of the processing steps needed to produce the component in series. If the piece is to be lacquered, then this is carried out by a trusted subcontractor.

An in-house research and development department and investment in new equipment and the organization of specific departments for blanking, sand-blasting, tumbling and machining means that the company can offer its customers 360° service from the design and construction of the die to the machined, assembled casting.

Industrie Metalpres’s clients are drawn predominantly from the automotive sector, but it also serves customers in all areas of machine building and mechanics. “We were able to take over all of the customers on the company’s books and guarantee them continuity of service,” says Mr. Penzo. “The best marketing tool for us is word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers, but we also have our own sales team.”

Around 70% of the components manufactured by Industrie Metalpres are exported, of which 70% are destined for European markets such as France, Germany, the UK, Poland and Rumania while the remainder goes to China, India, Turkey and Mexico.

“The high quality of our aluminium components and the high standard of the finish are also in demand in developing economies,” says Mr. Rubega. “We offer short lead times and can also make prototypes out of clay or plastic very quickly to give a good idea of what the finished product will look like.”

Industrie Metalpres processes 500 t of aluminium each month, which is roughly equivalent to a production rate of two million individual castings. Quality control is a fundamental part of each manufacturing process and ensures that each piece conforms to strict quality stan-dards. Aluminium die castings are extremely versatile and have wide applications.

“We are confident that we have put the measures in place that will assure the company’s success in the future,” concludes Mr. Rubega.

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