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An inspiring combination


“We are truly unique in the consulting business. We are more than a simple consulting company as we integrate IT consulting and business consulting, thus offering a twofold approach that defines a new innovative model for companies,” points out Country managing partner Norbert Kettner who took over the management of the German subsidiary in December 2010.

“In 2010 we had a workforce of 100 people, and now our staff number has increased to 350. This is a clear indication that our services are well sought-after by our customers, which derive from the automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as from the trade, financial and financing sectors.”

Infosys Lodestone takes on the analysis of business models and process and helps to detect optimization potential with the support of its success proven and customer-oriented personnel. “In contrast to many other consultants we are not just delivering papers and concepts but we concentrate on real solutions which have an immediate impact on our customers’ operations, enabling architectures including SAP systems,” points out Mr. Kettner.

“It is our intention to combine our consulting activities with a worldwide operating IT portfolio. The basis for this is our successful cooperation with our parent company Infosys, a global leader in consulting and technology. We benefit from joint operations because we are able to provide the portfolio of both Infosys and Lodestone.”

The results of these synergies in consulting are a 20% growth for Infosys Lodestone in both the German market and the international market. “By implementing SAP systems to achieve more efficient processes for the customer, we have been able to attract major players like Daimler, Adidas and Deutsche Bank in Germany,” points out Mr. Kettner.

“When Infosys took over Lodestone in 2012, it did not integrate the company entirely but left room for a flexible consulting organisation.” As IT specialist and business consultant, Infosys Lodestone creates new business fields for companies and initiates value integration.

“For instance, for a large automotive manufacturer, we have reorganised the entire spare parts logistics. Today, car manufacturers boast an ever-increasing product range, and, likewise, their spare parts division is growing. This development leads to more complex and larger spare parts warehouses and processes that are to be dealt with. We have been able to implement an efficient solution by integrating IT and consulting expertise,” says Marketing and Communications Manager for Germany Nina Samadan.

In the future, Infosys will work hard to further expand its market presence and position itself at the top end of the market.

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