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Data security you can trust


InfoTrust AG was founded in 2002 by CEO Tom Hager and five former colleagues to advise companies on all IT security issues. Their team of experienced IT security specialists with proven industry know-how has successfully positioned itself over the years in the Swiss market.

At the end of October 2014, InfoTrust was acquired by NTT Com Security, a global information security and risk management organization, which delivers a portfolio of managed security, business infrastructure, consulting and technology integration services.

The new partnership promises to bring significant advantages for both companies. The high level of consulting expertise at NTT Com Security in risk management, coupled with a global reach in customer service and leading Managed Security Services, is a perfect addition to the technical know-how of the InfoTrust team.

“To be part of NTT Com Security means that we have doubled our workforce here in Switzerland from 35 employees to 60 security experts. It leads to the creation of the largest team of IT security consultants and a new clear market leader in Switzerland. InfoTrust also reinforces NTT Com Security in established security areas and leading manufacturers in the region,” says Tom Hager, who will lead this unit as Country Manager.

Over the last 13 years, InfoTrust has grown into one of the leading IT security experts and most successful IT security companies in Switzerland. Together with NTT Com Security, the team will continue to help organizations lower their IT costs and increase the depth of IT security protection, risk management, compliance and service availability.

The service portfolio is divided into three key areas: managed security services, consulting services and technology solutions. “We started to offer managed security services, one of our core businesses, in 2009 as an outsourcing solution whereby companies could outsource the responsibility for the security of their IT systems to an IT security expert and thereby keep strict control over the costs,” says Mr. Hager. “One of the key advantages of our solution is its modular structure. This brings flexibility, while ensuring that security is not compromised at any point.”

This modular approach won InfoTrust a number of large, multinational corporations as clients. “In the last few years, we realized that it is difficult to manage international accounts with just one office in Switzerland,” explains Mr. Hager. “We looked at several options and finally decided to join forces with a partner with even longer managed security service experience and a strong international presence. That was the reasoning behind the current merger with NTT Com Security.”

InfoTrust’s second area of expertise are technology solutions. “With classic system integration we establish security infrastructures for our clients,” says Mr. Hager. “We work with a broad range of partner companies for both hardware and software.” These solutions go far beyond simply erecting a firewall around a company’s data. For example, for financial institutes we are the trustworthy partner tasked with securing their e-banking services and other challenging projects regarding their data security.”

InfoTrust’s technology solutions teams use in-depth knowledge to give independent advice and apply a rigorous, structured approach to technology selection. They ensure that new solutions are configured in line with business goals, compliance requirements and industry best practice, but also help optimize existing systems and rationalize an organization’s technology estate to reduce complexity and cost.

“IT security is a highly specific and a constantly changing subject.” says Mr. Hager. “It takes a great deal of expertise just to stay up to date.” InfoTrust plans and delivers solutions and transfers skills to organizations so that they can either confidently do things themselves or, allow InfoTrust to responsibly manage the workload on their behalf using managed security services.

The final area of activity concerns consulting services, for example ASOC, a security operations service that is intelligent and produces evidence-based analytics, supplemented with live business context to deliver relevant information back into the business. “Through our new partnership with NTT Com Security, we will be able to offer this support service worldwide while focussing on high quality local support.” says Mr. Hager. “We are currently working on bringing the two organizations together and should have completed the first phase by mid-2015. The longer term goals should be accomplished within another year.”

InfoTrust’s clear focus is on financial and insurance companies, which account for 40% of turnover. Other key client sectors include healthcare, energy, education and industry. Growth has been positive and is expected to accelerate thanks to the merger. “Our focus is on expanding our international activities as well as consolidating our leading position in the Swiss market,” says Mr. Hager in conclusion.

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