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Perfection in plastic parts


“It all started in 2001 with a competition in Milotice,” says Mr. Gross, Managing Director. “A competition about injection moulding, and I was the winner.”

Mr. Gross was no newcomer to the trade. He had a lot of professional experience, and at the time he was Managing Partner of a plastics processing company. He sold his shares in that company and founded a new one bearing his name, Ing. Petr Gross.

“Parts for white goods were the first products we manufactured, mainly for coffee machines and kettles for Siemens and Bosch,” explains Mr. Gross. “Then there was an opportunity to make automotive parts, and we started manufacturing technical parts and lighting components for cars. By and by we realized that there was no future in white goods as Siemens and Bosch had gone to China for production. So we concentrated on the automotive industry and invested in new technologies and new machines to cope with the challenge of rapid development. For example, we introduced two-component injection moulds, and we were the first in the Czech Republic to offer three-component injection moulds.”

Today, the company has a staff of 200 and generates turnover of 320 million CZK, about twelve million EUR. Ing. Petr Gross has its own tool shop with a staff of 45 plus five specialists for development.

“90% of our products are made for the automotive industry,” states Mr. Gross. “Lighting technology and optical parts are our specialty. We have invested a lot of money in this technology, and we are leading the way in Europe today. For example, we manufacture thick-walled lenses for Bentley, Jaguar and Range Rover. We also develop our own products such as automatic snow chains, which can be easily adjusted to the wheels of cars or trucks.”

Czech automotive suppliers are the main target group of Ing. Petr Gross. “We have hardly any exports, as almost all carmakers have Czech facilities,” underlines Mr. Gross. “We can also do without marketing. We are well known, and suppliers of lighting systems are aware of our competence. They keep placing orders. We have the latest technology, a highly experienced and motivated staff, and we always try to meet customers’ requirements promptly. We want to further optimize operations to reduce production time and cost. We have an eye on market trends and invest in new solutions. You never know what the future will bring. All you can do is react flexibly to the market, and that’s exactly what we do, now and in the future.”

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