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ePayments made simple


Ingenico ePayments is a division of Ingenico Group, which specifically tends to mobile and online payments. Travel, retail and gaming are some of the many industries that Ingenico ePayments works with, providing successful payment processing solutions that are tailored to merchants’ specific needs.

The company offers over 150 payment products, including credit cards and alternatives, in over 170 countries, enabling businesses to customize their ePayments process according to their customers’ preferences.

Ingenico ePayments also offers tokenization to help merchants meet their PCI compliance requirements and managed fraud services. “Our fraud screening solutions save merchants costs in fraud activity and chargebacks,” explains Chief Revenue Officer David Jimenez.

The company offers a gateway payment solution and a full-service model, which allows merchants to collect payments in multiple currencies and receive remittance in a single currency without having to open bank accounts in every country.

Ingenico ePayments’ consolidated reporting also helps businesses sell in more countries without adding more complexity to their financial operations. One added-value service, called Elevate, is a data analytics tool that shows insights into the customers’ payment activities and enables merchants to understand their customers’ buying preferences. This helps businesses develop the right payment portfolio and target their customers proficiently.

Ingenico ePayments has offices in 15 locations worldwide, and it offers tailored support to all of its clients. “Every merchant we work with is linked to an account manager and our merchant services team,” explains Mr. Jimenez.

The company is partnered with over 65,000 large and small merchants around the world. “We enjoy building solid  relationships with our clients, and we combine our advanced solutions and crossborder commerce expertise to help merchants optimize their business and grow,” says Mr. Jimenez.

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