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Streamlining the workplace


From its home in Nuremberg, Germany, Ingentis was launched in 1997 when six developers working for a large software company decided to form their own business. The company’s core business is its standardised human resource software products.

“Our flagship product is Ingentis org.manager, a tool for automated organisational chart design that enables direct SAP® connections and an open data interface with personnel administration systems. It also supports visual HR management and controlling,” explains Michael Grimm, ingentis CEO and cofounder. “The second human resource product is Ingentis easy.pes, which helps HR professionals plan and evaluate assessment centres and personnel development seminars. Ingentis distribution.list automates and maintains email distribution lists.”

Today, the company is number one in the organisational software field in Germany and among the top four worldwide.

The company, with its 50 employees, recently yielded an annual turnover of four million EUR, 20 to 25% of which was generated through export. The company boasts over 700 clients globally, including powerhouses such as Siemens, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and BMW. “We feel like we are getting noticed by the right companies and have excellent references,” adds Mr. Grimm.

While word-of-mouth recommendations bring in much of Ingentis’ business, it also benefits greatly from participating in personnel trade fairs such as Zukunft Personal (HRM) in Cologne, Germany.

Looking to the future, Mr. Grimm foresees the development of additional standardised solutions. Clearly Ingentis is a company to watch as it begins to hit its stride on the world stage.

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