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Sealing the deal


Many of the most prestigious car manufacturers such as Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati and Opel rely on automotive parts made by Insit. The company benefits from an excellent reputation in the industry. Outstanding flexibility, great responsiveness and high-quality products are trademarks of the family-run company.

Important certifications such as ISO and TS mirror its strict quality commitment. Senator Luigi Burgo founded Insit in 1948. The company is run by his grandchildren today. The comprehensive portfolio includes plastic and rubber components for the automotive industry and technological components such as automotive sealing products.

50% of production consists of plastic CVJ boots, 50% of rubber parts. “It all started with automotive parts made from cork,” states CEO Luigi Galgani Burgo. “Later, the company worked with rubberized cork and eventually with rubber. Insit has always been open-minded and embraced new technologies to keep up its competitiveness. This flexibility has constantly opened up new business opportunities and finally led to our leading market position.”

Due to steady growth, Insit has 140 employees these days and annual sales of 25 million EUR with exports making up 70%. China, Germany, Brazil and the United States represent important foreign markets. “In 1992, we started working with a new German technology for the production of shaft seals,” states Mr. Burgo. “This was a milestone in our history and paved the way for further growth – nationally and internationally. Today, we work with state-of-the-art technology such as blow moulding, injection moulding and extrusion moulding. In 2017, we produced 20 million plastic components compared to 18.5 million in 2016.”

Insit is keen to continue growing – and business prospects are promising. The company has gained huge experience over the years and was able to master complex challenges. Even when Italy was hit by a severe economic crisis, Insit continued growing.

“Due to the crisis, we changed perspectives,” points out Mr. Burgo. “We entered new markets, and in 2011, we established BInsit, a production site in Brazil. Regular investments in research and development are important parts of our business strategy. We have been able to grow steadily because we work with the most innovative technology such as anthropomorphic systems. Robots and Cartesian coordinates significantly enhance performance. They allow us to cooperate with Toyota and several European car manufacturers and to satisfy their ever-changing needs. Even though we operate on an unpredictable market, we continue to invest in production capacities. For this reason, we even anticipate market developments.”

However, not everything is about technology. Insit is still a familyrun company – one of its main strengths. “Thanks to our structure and size, we are in the position to adapt quickly to customer needs,” underlines Mr. Burgo. “We are fast decision-makers, and customers greatly appreciate this quality. Insit is lean and flexible, and decisions are generally made within seven days – this makes the company stand out from the market. Compounds are developed in-house; they are adapted to specific customer needs that often vary from country to country. There are specific standards in the United States, for instance, and we strictly take these into consideration. It is important to satisfy and exceed customer expectations as the automotive industry is quite mature and will not grow in the next future. Other markets such as the building or medical industry are extremely difficult. The latter has particularly strict regulations, and it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market. Against this backdrop, it is essential to see the big picture. One option could be acquisitions. Financially we are completely independent, so this comes as a realistic way to continue our dynamic development. Our target is to increase annual sales to 40 to 50 million EUR. Last year, we grew by 18%. Now, we are keen to achieve similar results in the future.”

For Insit, there is no other option than to grow. Experience, knowhow and passion will be essential to consolidate the leading market position at home and abroad. “We believe that passion is absolutely crucial to rock the market further,” stresses Mr. Burgo. “It is all about passion for the things you do. I started working for the company in 1998. It takes a lot of time. Nevertheless I find it extremely satisfying to harvest now what I once sowed. It is important to grow in terms of technology, but it is equally important to grow mentally if you want to master new challenges. It is like approaching the ocean and eventually realizing that it is not the Mediterranean Sea. The market is not really stable, and it is hard to predict any trends. You never know what will happen tomorrow. This can be quite exhausting.”

Despite this certain degree of instability, Insit is keen to continue investing in the future and firmly believes in the company’s potential. “Our flexibility is second to none,” explains Mr. Burgo. “Furthermore, we are convinced that advanced technologies will boost sales further. At Insit, everyone shares the same philosophy and the passion for rubber and plastic components.”

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