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INTERAUTOMATION Deutschland has become a much sought-after partner of transport companies such as Deutsche Bahn. Its software and hardware solutions give answers to questions that have gained increasing importance in the past. Systems focus on passenger counting, communication, passenger information, punctuality monitoring, driver assistance, information management or geolocation.

“We mainly concentrate on solutions for automatic passenger counting,” sums up Andreas Langenhan. “Relevant data have an enormous impact on the efficiency of a transport company. Companies operating in passenger transport need precise data in order to determine their transport capacity. Our solutions allow customers to achieve almost 100% accuracy.”

Passenger counting is one major cornerstone of INTERAUTOMATION’s portfolio – however, there are others. With ‘InLineWeb’, the company has developed a system that helps to efficiently control and organize fleets and staff. ‘Automatic Passenger Counting’ documents the number of people transported and conveys information about vehicle occupancy.

‘Travel Time Analysis’ gives an overview of the schedule status of all journeys at all times and is greatly appreciated as the perfect punctuality monitoring solution. ‘Automated Vehicle Solution’ keeps track of technical systems and processes in the vehicle while the real-time passenger information and infotainment solution informs about delays and connection options in real-time.

Another highlight is the ‘Driver Assistance System DAS’, a product which is provided together with INTERAUTOMATION’s partner INAVET. The ‘Driver Assistance System’ informs drivers about signs of wear and tear at a very early stage and helps to reduce energy consumption.

 “Digitization is one of the major challenges we are facing these days,” says Mr. Langenhan. “We are operating in a sector that is not really known for being extremely innovative. However, a lot has been happening over the last years. Customers’ expectations have changed; they are more demanding and put greater emphasis on quality services and transparency. Due to social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook false information or late information can deeply affect the reputation of each railway company.”

INTERAUTOMATION Deutschland was founded in 1982 by the father of the company’s current Managing Director Mr. Mang. “INTERAUTOMATION focused on access solutions, amongst others for railway companies,” states Manuel Mang. “Eventually, the question came up how to count passengers. This basic question literally boosted the company’s further development. In 2002, we developed a system for Deutsche Bahn and ever since this has been our core business. Basically, our solutions are about real-time passenger information. Customers such as Deutsche Bahn and private railway operators greatly benefit from our technology.”

Today, INTERAUTOMATION is headquartered in Berlin and has 40 employees. A third of INTERAUTOMATION’s staff work in the research and development department, a third in production and a third in sales, service, project management and customer relationship management.

“You could probably call us an engineering company with its own production facilities,” points out Mr. Mang. “We are a hidden champion, a software developer and a hardware expert; this is our unique selling point.”

INTERAUTOMATION has always been keen to keep up with technology trends and is widely recognized for its innovative solutions. At the same time, it is a company with a specific history. “We are one of the few companies able to deliver hardware components on top,” stresses Mr. Langenhan. “Digitization is a complex challenge for businesses in all sectors of industry as well as vehicle manufacturers. It is essential to have data access all the time. Even for global players such as Bombardier and Siemens this may be a difficult task and they prefer to rely on competent experts. This is why our solutions are increasingly in demand.”

Keeping pace with change is a challenge INTERAUTOMATION constantly faces. “Every family company comes to a point when the next generation takes over. Together with Mr. Langenhan, we successfully managed the smooth transition from one generation to the next,” underlines Mr. Mang. “Our next huge project will be a move to Pankow and our new headquarters in a beautiful heritage-listed building. We are very much looking forward to it.“