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InterSystems’ connected health solutions enable hospitals to deliver higher value, more sustainable care


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InterSystems TrakCare® is a unified electronic medical record system that is preconfigured to meet the requirements of local markets. InterSystems HealthShare® enables health records to be accessed beyond those using the EMR, by all those involved in a patient's treatment and care.

 “In Italy, we are the only successful international player in a market that is characterized by significant barriers to entry,” explains InterSystems’ Country Manager Cesare Guidorzi. “We compete with local companies that offer portfolios of fragmented solutions – one for appointment scheduling, one for electronic medical records etc., with a business strategy based on selling services. Investment in healthcare informatics is still relatively low and fragmented. In addition, Italy has 20 different regions each one of them requires a different set of complex statutory regulations to integrate into the solutions and processes. What sets InterSystems apart is that we invest and focus on the quality and depth of our software products and solutions in addition to the quality of our services. In line with the global standards, InterSystems Italia offers its clients a 24/7 customer service with dedicated, local specialist staff in addition to the international support organization. All of our products are developed in accordance with the IRIS principle; they are inter-operable, reliable, intuitive and scalable. These characteristics really differentiate us from the competition.”

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ is the name of the company's big data platform, which InterSystems Italia is starting to bring to the Italian market. “InterSystems IRIS has already generated a significant interest in other geographies, and we believe Italy can benefit as well from this innovative offer,” reveals Mr. Guidorzi. “This is a very interesting market. Big data and the Internet of Things are huge trends right now in many sectors, and may well enable a diversification in terms of the industries in which we are active. At the moment, the healthcare sector invests less in information management than other industries, and Italy lies well below the European average.”

Contracts are generally won through a tender process. InterSystems' policy is to focus exclusively on the tenders where it can offer a true top-class solution; this means that the company generally bids in just one in ten of the tenders that are issued in the market.

Around 70% of healthcare IT spending comes from public organizations, while the remaining 30% comes from the private sector. “In both cases, we want to form close, long-term relationships with clients so that we fully understand their needs and are certain we can make them successful,” Mr. Guidorzi underlines. “We are not interested in short-term opportunistic contracts. The honest and transparent way in which we deal with our clients is very much valued by them.”

Cesare Guidorzi
We don't just implement systems, we advise our clients on how they can really get the best from them. Cesare GuidorziCountry Manager

Another principle that is central to InterSystems' culture relates to its growth model. InterSystems Italia's 15 to 20% annual growth in the last 6 years has been achieved completely organically.

“We don’t grow by acquisitions, because we would create for ourselves one of the main problems we want to solve for our customers, which is fragmentation,” the Country Manager points out. “This philosophy has resulted in long-term growth, and I firmly believe this is the right approach. Six years ago, we were hardly known in the Italian market. Now, the market is convinced that TrakCare and HealthShare are the best solutions available, and we work together with some of the top players in the healthcare sector, both on the customer side and on the partner side.”

In Italy, InterSystems employs 50 highly competent employees and it is ingrained in its culture to constantly strive to bring increasing levels of value for its customers. “We don't just implement systems, we advise our clients on how they can really get the best from them,” sums up Mr. Guidorzi. “We are a very focused company, and we are always focused and straightforward in our goals and the way we go about them.”