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Promoting animal health


“Intervet is a name closely connected with animal health for decades now, and so is the parent group Merck Animal Health, well known outside the USA under the name of MSD Animal Health,” says Dr. István Gróf, managing director of Intervet Hungária. “Just like our parent corporation, we are dedicated to preserving and improving the health of animals with the high-quality veterinary pharmaceuticals of MSD.”

Recognizing the local need for quality vaccines for livestock animals, Intervet opened its representation in Hungary in 1987 as the first among the multinational AH companies. Almost ten years later, in 1996, it also established its Hungarian subsidiary.

“Today, we have a staff of 25 and achieve a turnover of close to three billion HUF (or ten million EUR),” states Dr. Gróf. “We have a market share of over 20%, making us the market leader in Hungary. We build on a partnership approach too and on direct contact with customers. Day in, day out, our team is in contact with stock breeders, veterinarians, pet clinics and surgeries to inform them about the benefits of our high performance products, solutions and services for animal health.”

Well reputed worldwide as a trusted source of veterinary medicine, MSD Animal Health offers an encompassing range of innovative animal health products and services based on ongoing scientific research and development in line with actual market needs. In detail, the portfolio includes a broad choice of vaccines, anti-infective and antiparasitic drugs, fertility management products, pharmaceutical speciality products, innovative delivery solutions, performance technologies and value-added programmes such as pet recovery services and livestock data management tools.

“True to the motto of the founder of Merck, medicine is for patients and not for profit, and if it is, profit will follow. MSD products and solutions are developed with the actual needs of animals and breeders in mind,” Dr. Gróf points out. “We supply, test and prove quality and performance, above all when it comes to vaccines, our special strength. Moreover, rather than just supplying products, we offer innovative solutions for efficiently managing animal health, a unique offer which sets us apart from competitors. For example, respig.com is an interactive website with detailed information on the porcine respiratory disease complex, PRDC, the major source of economic losses in pig breeding. Made by Merck experts for veterinarians, farmers and other specialists, the website supports and assists users in preventing PRDC and thus economic losses. We have a similar expert platform for cattle, encompassing respiratory diseases, udder health and fertility, a highly successful programme with excellent results.”

A physician by profession, Dr. Gróf had been active with Merck in the human health unit for 20 years when he was appointed managing director of Intervet Hungária in 2010. “My job is to find and develop people and create an effective team capable of achieving results,” explains the managing director. “I have to motivate people and support them like a mentor, setting goals, working on goals and on ways to achieve them.”

Dr. Gróf has three clearly defined targets for the future, first of all being the preferred partner of customers, secondly being the preferred employer to attract the great talents, and finally operations excellence. “We are going to work on all that in the next five years with strict monitoring of the process. Thus we are well prepared to benefit from the market potential for veterinary products and solutions. Global meat consumption has increased dramatically over the past decades from 23 kg per capita in 1960 to 42 kg per capita in 2010, and it will further increase to 54 kg per capita by 2050, a major challenge and excellent market potential for MSD Animal Health.”

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