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Skills and personality for success


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Intys HR has a unique approach, translating HR into business benefits: “The value of an employee not only depends on his competences and skills, but also on his personality,” points out CEO Jonathan Beckers. “That is why we have developed our own method for choosing the right people according to their interpersonal skills. We also let our talents grow, get inspired and help them make the right choices for the future.”

Intys HR was founded by Michel Van Hemele and Eugenie Nijhuis in 2010 to offer an HR solution for middle management. The name was chosen in relation to Inti, the god of the sun of the Inca empire. It stands as a symbol for light and warmth, which enable development.

“Our aim is to create a favourable and nurturing environment, enabling personal development and leading to combined personal and corporate success,” explains Mr. Beckers. “Ongoing development is very important for us. Our staff is constantly reflecting and is curious about taking on new approaches.”

In its operational consulting division, the company offers highly experienced consultants who are able to solve complex HR problems. In a hands-on approach, they are staffed into the companies for three to nine months as HR officers, managers or business partners, working on HR projects, talent acquisition and talent management.

Jonathan Beckers
The value of an employee not only depends on his competences and skills, but also on his personality. Jonathan BeckersCEO

The people development division provides individual development, collective development and strategic development for its own staff as well as for clients, such as training sessions, assessment centers and career development programs.

“Our HR specialists always have a direct contact person at Intys HR who monitors their career and provides assistance and support,” says the CEO. “All our people are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to delivering good results. That is what really differentiates us from our competitors. Each person is unique and has special skills. We try to focus on individualities and specificities of people to unlock their potential and their talents, and support our clients in the best possible way.”

With this strategy, Intys HR has been very successful throughout Belgium and abroad, and wants to grow further in the future.

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