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In it for the long haul


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Samuel Hanssens is precisely the type of leader a company’s employees look to in order to steer them down the right path. “When I walked into IPSAM for the first time and the previous owner showed me the factory, I was really fascinated,” the Owner and Managing Director recalls. “I liked the product immediately. There is a lot of engineering that goes into these trucks. When I look at one, I see a piece of art,” says Mr. Hanssens.

It is this passion that has pushed Mr. Hanssens to offer his clients highly innovative products that incorporate the latest technologies. IPSAM’s specialized vacuum trucks are used by general cleaning and unblocking service providers, public cleaning companies and industrial cleaning companies.

IPSAM’s trucks are tailor-made, and the company places a lot of value in producing as much as possible in-house so as to ensure the best quality and durability of each installation. “The more you know about the trucks, the more you realize the variety in applications and uses,” points out Mr. Hanssens.

Just as important as the product is the service that IPSAM offers its clients. “After-sales service is a priority for us, and we have really good people working on this. We do general maintenance and are always there for our customers in case something happens. Our machines are very complicated, so we need to provide service to look after them. We guarantee that we’ll get broken-down machines up and running again within 24 hours,” highlights Mr. Hanssens.

Samuel Hanssens
We do not make products, we make projects. We build best-in-class equipment for our clients so they can do a great job and be the best providers for their clients. Samuel HanssensOwner and Managing Director

Mr. Hanssens has clear ideas regarding the direction in which he wants to take the company. “We want to focus on breaking into new markets and growing the company, both outwardly and internally.” Mr. Hanssens adds. “Making sure our internal processes are running smoothly goes hand in hand with external growth. In the long term, I want the company to be known everywhere for our quality and innovation. We have a young and ambitious team that is always looking for good opportunities to realize our potential.”

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