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Strictly for gentlemen who like anything but the norm.


When hearing that a company was formed in the 1920s, is still run by family members and produces 95% of its products in its home town, you might be mistaken for assuming the end results will be overly conservative and stuck in a bygone era.

Yet with Isaia, you wouldn’t be further from the truth. Influenced by the warm sea air and bright skies of its Neapolitan heritage, Isaia offers the modern gentleman a sartorial elegance that helps them go about town with a flair and confidence that will not only turn an eye but will leave a positive lasting impression too.

Founded in 1920 in Naples, Isaia was originally a textile shop which supplied local tailors. In 1957, the second generation of the family established the company in the ‘cittá dei sarti’, Casalnuovo. Originally focussed on supplying only the region with suits and jackets, the focus later switched to Italy and then foreign markets such as the USA and Japan.

Today, in its third generation, the company sells worldwide, is well-received in Europe and the Middle East and is the main brand in Russia. According to Enzo Magaraci, commercial director for Asia and Europe, Isaia’s modern-day success can be put down to a number of factors. One is the fact it combines tradition with fashion so well.

“We like to call it contemporary tradition,” says Mr. Magaraci. “We offer a very modern ‘fit’ to our suits, shirts and jackets. Plus we now also offer a range of luxury sportswear which today occupies 45% of our business,” he continues.

Another factor for the success, according to Mr. Magaraci, was the successful transition from the second to the third generation of the family. And that’s not the only part of the business that has a family connection.

“With our headquarters still based in Casalnuovo and working with purely Italian raw materials, 95% of our production still takes place in the company and is carried out completely by Neapolitans,” claims Mr. Magaraci proudly. “The people who work for us took the place of their parents and their grandparents. The other 5% of production is carried out by Italian craftsmen, such as for leather processing or shoes.”

Isaia’s core business is suits and jackets. It offers a worldwide tailor-made service and 20% of its jackets, shirts and coats are either tailor-made (based around a model) or bespoke (based purely on the individual with an added level of service).

One distinctive style of jacket synonymous with Isaia and known for its unique Neapolitan style, is the ‘Dandy Attitude’. A distinctive model, it combines a variety of checks, a mix of fabrics and comes in a variety of shades and tones, for both jacket and suit.

“This represents us,” says Mr. Magaraci. “It’s a traditional, Neapolitan style that’s elegant and opulent while being comfy. It comes unstructured with a soft shoulder and pocket.”

As well as the traditional categories, a range of accessories and novelties are also helping men show their sartorial taste in all corners of the globe. The Saracino collection is an enormously successful range of bracelets for men that started only three years ago; there is a range of sunglases produced by artisan Neapolitans that are made completely of nine layers of wood inlaid and interwoven and the fabrics of their jackets applied on top; and last summer Isaia launched a t-shirt with a set of four famous Neapolitan hand gestures that was extremely successful.

As Mr. Magaraci reminds us, “Isaia is solely for men! When a client comes into one of our stores he needs to feel special – and that is exactly what he is. We are able to offer something tailor-made in 24 hours. We’re flexible and able to satisfy all our clients’ wishes. A gentleman who enters a boutique is actually entering a club where he rarely wants to leave. It’s as if he’s entered a game, where fun is the key. We have a very relaxed philosophy,” Mr Magaraci says.

Isaia currently has turnover of 60 million EUR. This tripled between 2010 and 2017 and Mr. Magaraci would like to see sales in European and Asian markets increase further in the future. His greatest wish regards the company structure itself.

“I hope nobody buys us,” Mr. Magaraci says. “For me, that would be the end of a dream.” That’s a dream which sees original Neapolitan style, tradition and individuality woven into every item of Isaia menswear. A dream that has been fundamental to the company’s success ever since 1920.

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