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Many heads make light work


The focus of ISC BT AG is the ERP and CRM software industry, especially SAP and Microsoft platforms. As an experienced IT service provider, the company helps clients from various sectors in all business-related IT topics, such as IT strategy, performance management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and much more.

“We want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” says COO Walter U. Andres. As part of the board of directors, he is responsible for strategy and organization. He also directs the marketing and sales committee, and is the founder and operative managing director of ADVANIS AG, one of the subsidiaries of the group.

All in all, eight business units are part of ISC BT AG. The company follows a selective investment strategy with businesses, which add to the portfolio. “My colleague CEO Peter Heinold and I are always involved in new ventures,” explains Mr. Andres. “Often the companies contact us. The founder or CEO always stays part of the company. We do our business at eye level, offer coaching. This is a very good method to strengthen our resources and to add new innovative business ideas. It is a classic win-win situation.”

Solid business practices are vital for Mr. Andres. With turnover of more than ten million EUR, the group is to 100% self-funded. “That is our credo, and we are satisfied with the constellation.” In general, he believes in his principles. “Values are important to us,” he emphasizes. “We keep our word, always. Mr. Heinold and I do our best to inspire our team to work hard, be honest and succeed.”

Overall, 100 employees work for ISC BT AG. The company focusses its ventures on IT businesses in the DACH region, meaning Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“We feel comfortable in the German-speaking countries,” admits Mr. Andres. “But we also assist companies that are active internationally. We all speak English, and in the Switzerland offices also French.”

Therefore the company may also expand into the French- and English-speaking European markets. Mr. Andres also keeps an eye on certain trends in the IT sector, like mobility, big data and analytics.

“There is a lot going on, especially in social media,” he points out. “There will be new models and offers that are beyond our imagination.” But whatever the future brings, the goal of ISC BT AG is clear. “We want to be a well-known group, covering the needs of the classic middle class with innovative solutions,” emphasizes Mr. Andres. “We want to be a solid partner, an attractive employer, and we will stay one step ahead of our competitors.”

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