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From insulation to insufflation


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Following in his father’s footsteps of 40 years of machine manufacturing experience, Julien Hazera founded ISOL INTERNATIONAL. It did not take long before Mr. Hazera decided to take the company worldwide in 2015, a move which has proved successful by all means, exemplified primarily through the doubling of the workforce since that time.

“As of now, we have eight models of blowing machines and four models of spraying machines for insulation,” says Mr. Hazera. While blowing and spraying may sound like vague terms in this context, in essence what these machines provide is thermal insulation important for energy savings in buildings among other things.

These specialized lines of products help ISOL INTERNATIONAL develop strong bonds of trust and transparency with its customers, all of whom are companies as opposed to private clients. “We are the only company to offer tailor-made solutions in the sector,” notes Mr. Hazera.

ISOL INTERNATIONAL will regularly make prototypes for its customers, adapting such features as the colour or customized logos to fit the desires of the companies ordering. Makes and models can be found via Isolfrance’s online shop and inperson meetings can be arranged through industry exhibitions such as the Big 5 which take place in Dubai.

With twelve distributors worldwide and 60% of its business done in exports, Isolfrance™ is far from confined to its home headquarter country of France. “We are market leader in our sector in France,” says Mr. Hazera, “However, our strong partnerships across the globe enable us to service customers virtually anywhere on earth.”

ISOL INTERNATIONAL prides itself on its multi-product machine range versus its competitors who often rely on a single product as their major contributing value. Building a global brand requires a dedicated and knowledgeable team. ISOL INTERNATIONAL employees are always available for video assistance for clients as well as receiving support from their colleagues on any issues on-site.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our machines, but also on the trust and transparency we establish with our clients. Julien HazeraFounder

And while finding qualified people is admittedly a challenge, ISOL INTERNATIONAL builds its apprenticeships around those who are a good fit, taking on varying profiles for beginners who show promise. Looking forward ISOL INTERNATIONAL intends to keep the growth steady.

Its already established base of partners and customers creates a stability from which to grow and thrive. “Looking forward we want to continue to manufacture equipment but also become a maintenance and training center,” reveals Mr. Hazera. “Through opening several agencies we are very optimistic.”

ISOL INTERNATIONAL sees this progression of business potentially taking many forms. From increased distribution globally, to eventual private individuals who want to contribute to energy savings and therefore receive support from the state, it seems the possibilities are many for a company working with such versatile and crucial machines.

“We are beyond optimistic for the future,” concludes Mr. Hazera. “We see ourselves as key players in many areas where business meets social responsibility such as climate protection.”

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