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Information security made in Switzerland


The company was founded by six business partners in 1999. “According to several market studies, there was huge demand for IT security at that time,” explains Marco Marchesi, chairman and cofounder of ISPIN. “Within a very short period of time, we were able to employ ten people at our headquarters in Bassersdorf.”

In 2006, continuous growth made it necessary to develop new strategies of expansion. “We opened an additional office in Bern in 2008,” states the chairman. “At the same time, our first conference on security, the Risk and security Forum, took place.”

With its focus on holistic information security, the Swiss enterprise was able to generate an annual turnover of nearly ten million EUR last year. “Our range of products is highly diversified and divided into four main segments,” says Mr. Marchesi. “First of all, we provide business security consulting solutions for companies that would like to introduce an information security management system (ISMS) with frameworks based on current standards, for example ISO 27001 for information security.”

Apart from that, ISPIN concentrates on designs of network architectures and data centers with built-in security, as well as support in the professional operation of entrepreneurial security structures. “In addition, our capable team educates employees in terms of acting in a risk- and security-conscious manner,” explains the chairman. “Thus, they will know how to deal with potential security problems and risks.”

At the present time, ISPIN can exhibit more than 150 references from various industries. “Amongst them are enterprises in the financial, pharmaceutical or public sectors,” states Mr. Marchesi. “They are addressed through internal field staff and include renowned references like Zurich Airport or Credit Suisse.”

ISPIN’s excellent contacts on the Swiss market vouch for positive business development. “In conjunction with the current situation, enterprisers are striving to invest in security,” says the chairman. “Until now, dangers have often not been assessed properly and risks displaced. Therefore, we see great potential on the domestic market. Thinking about safety will be given more attention in the future.”

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