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Verifications to trust in


Over the years, Istituto Masini has been in charge of very special tests. It was, for example, consulted to perform physical evaluations on the Holy Shroud’s shrine and to assess the air quality of the monastery where Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is preserved. “We are one of the smallest certification institutes, but we are strictly independent and highly qualified,” Ing. Mario Masini, CEO and owner of Istituto Masini, points out.

His 30 employees are constantly engaged in testing product functionality and safety. His daughter Liviana Masini and his niece Marisa Masini also work in the company that was founded in Rho in 1962. The company is committed to several market sectors, ranging from food to toys, from healthcare products to building products, and much more.

Istituto Masini also guarantees for the safety of products and, for example, assesses the reaction to fire, and checks the noise level and the compliance of products to EC standards for CE marking. It performs highly technologically sophisticated tests using cuttingedge equipment, including thermotechnical, geotechnical, chemical, mechanical and metallurgical assessments, and much more.

Needless to say, within the concept of product certification, Istituto Masini has been a certified body of the European Union for many years. It operates according to several directives in compliance with CE marking: ATEX, PED, SPV, GADAC, BEDAC, medical devices, lifts, marine equipment, noise emission, EMC, machinery and toys, and these witness the multidisciplinary experience and competence of the institute.

Furthermore, Istituto Masini can certify products, people and systems for quality management and works as a test laboratory under the aegis of ACCREDIA, the sole Italian accreditation body, and is a registered member in both IAF and ILAC associations.

“We ourselves are certified, too,” points out Ing. Masini. “We have to guarantee for the impartiality and competence of the institution.” Last but not least, the institute is able to rely on a research and training department. Istituto Masini has been authorised by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology to perform research for small and medium companies willing to improve and certify their products.

Additionally, the institute teaches technical culture and organises training, meetings and workshops in its congress centre.

Ing. Masini himself is the author of two publications: “Radiographic manual for pressure equipment” and “Radiographic manual for tubing welding”. He explains, “We have a training centre for our employees and for the employees of our customers. Many foreign institutions visit us to get our knowhow. 20% of the orders are issued by European customers. Thanks to the suggestion of many satisfied regulars, we have the opportunity to increase the number of clients and satisfy the safety and quality expectations of the product.” After all, it is hard to overlook 50 years of experience and a spotless record.

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