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“Our consultants benefit from the security network of an employee,” PDG Patrick Levy-Waitz explains the company’s success. “They do not have to carry out administrative tasks, and they are independent. We are a serious and reliable partner. In order to support our consultants, we offer training courses and seminars. This is our contribution to enhancing their competitiveness. Last but not least, our network is a true asset. Within the network, our people can exchange information, know-how and recommendations.”

Most of the consultants joining ITG aim to work independently but do not want to spend time on administration and accounting. They want a certain degree of freedom and social security at the same time. In recent years, ITG has strongly benefitted from media coverage and recommendations. Of course, the Internet is an ideal information tool.

At present, the European job market shows 15% freelancers, and of that 4% are hybrid workers in France. More and more employees do not work for one company exclusively any more. Thanks to the digital technologies, an ever greater number of people are working remotely, too. Mr. Levy-Waitz sees much more potential for flexible employment models.

Today, the company’s network of consultants unites people from different industries and sectors. Among them are trainers, people from the HR sectors, marketing people, IT people as well as engineers and industrial project managers. In order to grow its network and its platform, ITG is working on partnerships with other organizations and companies. “Our model is suitable for export activities, too,” says Mr. Levy-Waitz. “Still, at present, the different countries have different laws and regulations. But we cannot ignore the fact that the job market is becoming more international.”

In the coming years, ITG aims to expand its network and to improve its systems. The company is also actively involved in structural reforms. “Today, we are the leader in our field in France,” says Mr. Levy- Waitz. “Tomorrow, there might be players with European versions of our model. To ensure our position in the long run, we are working on partnerships. In general, I am positive about the future of our employment model. The employment market keeps changing and demands more flexibility and individual responsibility. At the same time, due to the challenging economic situation, people want more social security. Our model is ideal for satisfying both needs.”

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