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Co-owners and co-managers


ITM Logistique Equipement de la Maison International (ITM LEMI) is the logistics division of the French Mousquetaires Group. The company manages 60% of the Group’s transport and distribution segment.

“In the future, as a result of our new organizational structure and substantial investments, we will also be working for external customers,” says Managing Director Thierry Roch.

The Mousquetaires Group was established in the 1960s in response to the changes in the French distribution sector. “The vision behind this was to remain self-sufficient,” explains Mr. Roch. “This is why we started opening not only supermarkets across the country but our own food production units, too.”

Today, Mousquetaires comprises 60 plants with over 10,000 employees and the largest fishing fleet in France. ITM Logistique International was founded to handle all internal transport activities. A second distinguishing factor – besides extensive self-sufficiency – is the Group’s special organization.

“We are a cooperative society which is owned by more than 2,900 members, the Musketeers,” Mr. Roch says, describing the unique business model. “They are independent entrepreneurs running their own supermarkets. Besides the supermarkets, there are several other subsidiaries operating under the umbrella of the Mousquetaires holding group: production plants, financial services providers, logistics companies and other commercial enterprises. What is special about this organization is the fact that the supermarket owners dedicate two days a week of their time managing the various group operations.”

The logistics activities of the Mousquetaires Group are split between two independent subsidiaries: ITM LAI is responsible for all logistics services relating to food products, while ITM LEMI is responsible for all non-food products. Together, they supply more than 4,000 points of sale throughout Europe.

ITM LEMI employs 800 people and has operating costs of approximately 75 million EUR. With 46 European logistics bases in France, Belgium, Poland and Portugal, ITM LAI and ITM LEMI together make up the third-largest logistics provider in France.

The company operates eight regional storage centers in France which are located close to major motorways. “We supply our customers once a week with everything they need,” states Mr. Roch. “This way, they do not have to build up large stocks.”

The retailers supplied by ITM LEMI include some very well-known names in France: Bricomarché, Roady and Netto in Europe.

“Thanks to our unique organizational structure, we can pursue and achieve our corporate objectives,” says Mr. Roch. “If we want to reduce our environmental footprint, we have direct influence on all transport activities. And if we want to offer regional products, we can achieve this through the selection of the right suppliers within the Group.”

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