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Innovative solution for confidentiality


“Right from the start we have been exclusively active in B2B,” says Richard Marry, founder and Managing Director of I.T.N France. “Under the Vivaction brand we initially focused on telecommunication solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Today, we have three main fields of activity. Telecommunication solutions for SMEs are still our core business. In addition, we act as the operator for international telecom carriers. Confidentiality is the third field of activity with an innovative solution launched last year.”

Headquartered in Suresnes (Paris region), I.T.N. France is internationally active today with focus on the Maghreb. The activities in this region are backed by a subsidiary in Morocco and a sales office in Algeria. In addition, the company has a sales office in Paris serving customers in Europe, Asia and America. I.T.N. France employs a team of 50 people and generates a turnover of 33 million EUR.

“We have invested heavily in our network and in new technologies in order to offer solutions that best meet the needs of businesses in a rapidly changing world,” underlines Mr. Marry. “Today, Vivaction is well known for the high-performance, high-speed network infrastructure. We have also earned an excellent reputation for solutions that make telecommunications safe and simple for customers, who greatly appreciate our easy-to-use services.”

As a telecom operator for SMEs, Vivaction offers the whole range of telecommunications services from fixed and mobile telephony through to the internet. “We also offer a variety of added-value solutions including video conferences, fax to mail or mail to fax,” adds Mr. Marry. “We are particularly strong in VOIP. With our new VOIP technologies we can distribute huge amounts of data, reliably and at high speed.”

Acting as the operator of operators, Vivaction makes its well-developed network infrastructure in France and from France to North Africa available to international telecom carriers. “They use of our networks for their VOIP,” explains the Managing Director. “They purchase traffic from Vivaction.”

Confidentiality is an important issue for businesses and it is getting more important with the increasing use of mobile devices and especially of smartphones which are known for being vulnerable. Well aware of this fact, I.T.N invested some three million EUR in the research and development of a viable confidentiality solution.

“We started research five years ago and last year we launched our new solution, Square by Vivaction,” Mr. Marry points out. “Square is a secure private 3G network solution for voice and data, the first certified mobile confidentiality solution in France. Square is easily installed on any device by plug and play, within 30 seconds it is configured via a QR code. Users can connect up to three devices and make use of secure communications with partners in more than 136 countries worldwide. We tested the network with 20 users and it works. In September 2015 it will be online. Further improving the systems and developing new solutions is the declared target for the future. Moreover, we will open up new markets. At present we are expanding the sales network on a global scale. So far, discussions have been held in Switzerland, the USA and Asia, especially Hong Kong and we are in the process of establishing a network of representatives in these markets.”

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