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The inventory experts


Temporary store closures, night shifts for employees, or investments in hard and software, and similar inconveniences are a part of the past for customers working together with Ivalis.

“We offer everything in regard to inventory services from one single source, providing a carefree package,” points out Jan Morlok, Country Manager of Ivalis Deutschland GmbH. “We have many years of experience in this sector and know what is important to our clients. That is why our inventory is safe, independent, accurate and of higher quality.”

Bar code inventories, QR codes or RFID, product identification in sales areas, geolocation, surveys and stock audits – everything is carried out by Ivalis. “However, our primary focus is on inventories,” says Mr. Morlok.

“The stock inventory once a year is demanded by law, but we try to make clear to our customers how important it is to do an inventory more than just once a year. With our inventory solutions, goods management can be much more efficient. We want to be a partner for retail and a solutions provider for our clients. High quality is our USP and that is what our clients value in working together with us. We want to be a long-term partner for different inventory services and their first choice when it comes to their outsourcing.”

Outsourcing the inventory often is a strategic decision for the companies in the retail industry. According to a study led by forty retail brands, the advantages lie in counting on an external team, which is totally dedicated to this activity and uses perfectly adapted tools. This way, regular staff can focus on their own job and the everyday business. In addition, closure of stores and therefore, an impact on turnover can be avoided.

Ivalis’s employees are professionals with accumulated experience in inventories. High quality, accuracy and reliability are the core values of the inventory counting services provider and the basis for the success of Ivalis. The group was established in 1991 and has become one of the major worldwide players in the industry with eleven subsidiaries and 50 local offices.

Through the operation with the same inventory methodology, processes and tools in the different countries, Ivalis is able to guarantee an accurate, reliable and quick inventory of stocks in every country where the company operates. State-of-the-art technologies provide the opportunity to share the data across multiple locations for consistent and efficient goods management.

The first German subsidiary was founded in 2011 in Ratingen near Düsseldorf. Five years ago, Ivalis Germany merged with the inventory service provider SIGMA, also taking over the locations in Austria and Switzerland.

“SIGMA was founded in 1993 and was the largest independent service provider in the market,” explains the Country Manager. “Both companies fitted together perfectly as both firms were focused on quality and partnership relations with the customers. After the acquisition of Sigma, we operated under the name of Sigma-Ivalis till January 1st 2016. We were then renamed Ivalis Deutschland GmbH.”

500 employees at locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Essen meet the needs of the customers. Today, Ivalis is one of the best-known inventory service providers in Germany, working together with the leading brands in the retail branch.

The company works together with supermarkets, hypermarkets, the hard discount, the do-it-yourself sector, sports and textile shops, perfumeries and electronics stores, among others. In addition, Ivalis provides its services to the industrial sector as well as hotels and other clients, which need a partner for their asset inventory.

“We have been able to grow significantly in the past years,” states Mr. Morlok. “Our goal is to maintain our double-digit growth, especially by growing together with our customers. We will further expand our retail solutions and try to become the preferred partner when it comes to the outsourcing of inventories. Our vision is to remain one of the two leading inventory service providers in Germany and the number one when it comes to the quality of our offer.”

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