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Growing business


iXO Private Equity has sponsored local businesses in the southwest of France for over 25 years by putting investors’ money to good use, generating a favourable return and helping innovative companies grow their businesses. “There has been so much negative press about the investment sector in the wake of the financial crisis that it is easy to forget how vital our role is in giving growing businesses the means to expand and be successful,” says President Renaud du Lac. “What we do is capitalism at its best, and when it is done with responsibility and good intentions all round, everyone benefits.”

iXO Private Equity operates in three areas. It offers venture capital to managers of companies in the technology field, it provides growth capital to finance the growth of ambitious small and medium sized companies, and it finances leveraged buyouts to enable managers to continue to run companies where the owner is about to retire or wants to sell for another reason. Suitable companies for investment are selected by iXO Private Equity’s experienced team and capital is made available from one of its high performance investment funds. “We most recently closed the first round of fundraising for our iXO’3 fund in December 2013 with commitments exceeding its 120 million EUR target size by 70%,” says Mr. du Lac. “Many of the investors in iXO’3 are existing investors who have seen strong returns in iXO’1 and iXO’2 and have therefore committed to iXO’3 along with new investors. Others are currently performing due diligence ahead of the next closing.”

The diversity of investors – banks, insurance companies, public bodies, funds of funds, businesses and private investors – demonstrates the fund’s attractiveness and is an acknowledgement of the quality of the iXO Private Equity team. The fund follows iXO Private Equity’s proven strategy of regional focus and cautious approach.

“We are strongly rooted in the region and know the companies as well as the accountants and consultants who introduce us to new investment candidates,” says Mr. du Lac. “Even when the crisis hit in 2008, we were able to continue growing thanks to our good contacts. We launched iXO’2 that year, and it was even more successful than iXO’1.”

One of the reasons for this success is the fact that most of the companies in which it invests are active on the international stage, which helps them to leverage fluctuations in any one national market. Its approach is long term, which is why it is happy to continue as it always has by supporting the businesses in its local region.

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