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A matter of trust


Generally, independent agents have a good knowledge of the insurance industry and the different companies that exist in the marketplace. What is more, they tend to have a fair idea of which companies have a good record of customer satisfaction.

When J P Colonna was founded as an independent insurance agency in 1972, the concept was quite new. “My father worked for an insurance company at the time and wanted to set up his own business,” explains Xavier Colonna, Managing Director. “He established a new kind of independent insurance brokerage. Soon it developed into a thriving family business, and in 1994 we were able to open our branch office in Hong Kong.”

Now as before, J P Colonna has its head office in Paris. With over one million people insured, the company manages successful business relations in the whole of Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia today.

The total annual turnover amounts to 42 million EUR at present, an impressive sum by any standards. “Our branch in Hong Kong is responsible for our Asian contacts,” explains Mr. Colonna, who joined the family business at an early stage and became its Managing Director in 2008. “We offer special services for clients abroad, for example French businesses wishing to provide insurance for employees in their foreign subsidiaries. We also offer coverage for foreign companies operating in France under observation of national and international standards and best-practice solutions.”

Providing its clients with the most up-to-date information, J P Colonna is able to provide them with solutions that best meet their needs and requirements. The independent enterprise offers sustainable insurance for French and international businesses in the fields of death and disability coverage, healthcare and preventive coverage, retirement and pension schemes, crisis and security coverage, repatriation and support.

The company’s experienced specialists develop protection schemes tailored to the needs of their clients and of their employees while respecting local and international regulations and the constraints and obligations related to their business activities.

What is more, clients can depend on the support of quality interlocutors on technical and legal problems. “We operate in a complex market with many rules and regulations that must be observed,” comments Mr. Colonna. “The recent changes in legislation have created extra complications, especially where the compulsory health insurance for businesses of all sizes is concerned. Our attitude to the French market is positive, however, as we are flexible and dedicated and will be able to seize new, promising opportunities, also in connection with the digital transformation.”

As a family enterprise, J P Colonna has the flexibility and customer proximity to establish the kind of mutually rewarding business relations that warrant success in the long run. Focusing on customer satisfaction, the French enterprise offers expert consultation and service.

“We cooperate with a very good network of partners and insurance companies,” says Mr. Colonna. “Drawing on this network, we develop solutions our customers can depend on in each individual case. We see great potential for the future, both with new and existing clients who need follow-up coverage and consulting.”

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