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Binding industry together


Günter Grader founded JaBand in 1976 to develop industry-grade adhesive tapes while partnering with already-established tape manufacturers. Still run by the widow Brigitte Grader and Executive Director Johann Pichlmeier today, JaBand offers a vast selection of binding materials to handle almost any taping and sealing demand.

JaBand’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, houses about 25 employees, who service many industries including electrical insulation, construction, entertainment and paper. JaBand’s polypropylene, polyester and cellulose tapes, paper-masking, cloth and double-sided tapes help workers in the construction industry do in- and outdoor sealing and stuccowork for both new build and renovation jobs.

For the entertainment industry, JaBand produces residue-free adhesive tapes that hold down and seam carpets, conceal wires and mount lighting, and are approved for use in top convention centres.

JaBand also prides itself on its ability to provide customers with individualised sealing solutions. “We offer a wide range of both standard adhesive tapes and customised converting products and fixing systems. Meeting individual customer needs has been and remains the most important factor at JaBand,” states Ms. Grader.

Its alliances with international partners are what allow JaBand to cater to customer-specific requests. “Where standard products do not meet customer demands, JaBand applies our international partners’ technologies. Well-educated colleagues develop solutions through the synergy of international experiences and the knowledge of a wide range of business areas,” says Mr. Pichlmeier.

Its consistent output of quality and individualised products account for the company’s notable turnover of 15 million EUR. Most sales are generated in Germany. Exports go to markets such as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France and the United States.

JaBand is pleased with its success thus far, but to continue as an industry leader, the company constantly develops new products that address the changing needs of its clientele and continuously expands its logistics system to effectively service more customers. For JaBand, keeping industry together is a sticky but gratifying business.

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