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Maximizing the potential of ideas


Jacobacci & Partners is a consulting firm specialized in protecting intangible assets. The Italian company helps its customers reap the benefits of innovation by enforcing their intellectual property rights on an international scale. Jacobacci & Partners is extraordinarily rich in tradition as it was founded by the Jacobacci fam-ily more than 140 years ago, back in 1872.

Since then, over four genera-tions, the family business has developed into Italy’s number 1 intellectual property rights specialist and one of the leading players in the area in the whole of Europe and world-wide. In 2013, Jacobacci & Partners was honoured as the Best Pan-European intellectual property firm at one of the industry’s most coveted events: the International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards in New York.

Headquartered in Turn, Jacobacci & Partners has national branch offices in Milan, Rome, Brescia, Padua and Bergamo and internation-al offices in Madrid and Alicante, Spain, in Paris and Lyon, France, and in Lugano, Switzerland.

In addition, the company has a network of correspondents across the globe. “We aim to be present wherever there is a need for the legal protection of creativity and ideas,” CEO Dr. Enrica Acuto Jacobacci describes the philosophy of company. Jacobacci & Partners employs a total of 300 peo-ple and has an annual sales of almost–60 million EUR in 2013 40% of which related to international assignments.

“Our main export markets are Germany, the USA, Japan, the UK and France,” states Dr. Jacobacci. “In France, we work together with some of the most renowned fashion groups.” Europe is still the most important market or Jacobacci & Partners but the company is increasingly becoming a global player.

“We have just started a number of very interesting projects with clients in South America which we manage through our subsidiary in Madrid,” explains Dr. Jacobacci. Despite growing expansion beyond Europe, Jacobacci & Partners is not yet thinking about opening offices in other continents.

“But we have dedicated customer desks covering different markets: one for North America, one for the Far East and one for South America,” says Dr. Jacobacci. Jacobacci & Partners works for all sectors of industry and commerce, from chemical engineering and metal processing to telecommunications and information technology.

As an Italian firm, however, it has a particularly strong position in the design, fashion, furniture and accessories markets. “We have a reputation for providing in-depth expertise to the intellectual property requirements of these market sectors Italy has won worldwide recognition for,” states Dr. Jacobacci.

Jacobacci & Partners offers a broad range of services aimed at the protection of intellectual property rights including patents, product designs, trademarks, copyrights, software, know-how, domain names and even new plant varieties. In developing the most effective protection solution, Jacobacci & Partners works closely together with its clients, as a strategic partner dedicated to nothing else but delivering the best advice and service for enabling its customers make the most of their creative ideas.

The comprehensive service portfolio also includes anti-counterfeiting programmes, customized licensing schemes, constant monitoring of global patent literature and economic valuations of intellectual property rights. In addition, Jacobacci & Partners cooperates with customs authorities worldwide and offers individual, intellectual property customer seminars.

Like its competitors, the Italian consulting firm has not been unaffected by the financial and economic crisis in Europe. Nevertheless, it has managed to sustain growth and profitability. “We streamlined all business processes and installed a new Executive Board as well as new directors for our two main business units: Brands and Patents,” explains Dr. Jacobacci.

“We also centralized a number of services in Turin to enhance efficiency. Last but not least, we changed the management of our Spanish subsidiaries, opened new offices in Paris and Lyon and relocated our Swiss office from Geneva to Lugano to enhance a smoother cooperation with the Italian offices.

All of this has helped us through the crisis and enabled us to generate additional business.” Jacobacci & Partners plans to further grow its market position, both at home and abroad. This requires staff with excellent skills and qualifica-tions. “We put great emphasis on continuous further training to always stay ahead of the fast-evolving in-ternational patents sector,” says Dr. Jacobacci.

To attract and keep qualified personnel, Jacobacci & Partners pays great attention to the balance of family and career – as many as 80% of the company’s employees are female – and supports a pleasant workplace ambience through sustainably furnished offices with many pieces of art.

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