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Moving waters


The product program of Jacuzzi® France is subdivided into four product fields. These are whirlpools, showers, spas and hamams. Cooperating with international designers, the company offers products that excel in performance, functionality and design. For example, one of the latest models, Flow, was developed in collaboration with Daniel Libeskind, the architect of Ground Zero. In addition to Flow, Enjoy and Sasha are new creations of Jacuzzi® France.

Mainly targeting hotels and spas, the solutions made by Jacuzzi® France are used inside and outside. “Often, our clients own high-end houses,” says Stéphane Bridot, vice president sales EMEA and Asia and commercial director of West Europe. “They use our solutions inside as well as on their terraces or patios. Originally we targeted consumers exclusively, but within the last few years, the commercial sector with hotels and spas has become the mainstay of the business. Here, we are enjoying constant growth rates.”

The company sells exclusively via distributors, who also take care of all maintenance and after-sales activities. In order to showcase its latest product highlights and to enhance its international customer base, excel in performance, functionality and design. Jacuzzi® France participates in international trade fairs regularly such as the Paris Design Week.

“We are innovative, and we lay great emphasis on design,” Mr. Bridot explains the company’s success. “Also, we have been in the market for almost 60 years now. You might even say we were the origin of the industry. We offer constant premium quality, and all our components and product elements are designed with functional and ergonomic aspects in mind.” Jacuzzi® France is a sales subsidiary of the US-based Jacuzzi® corporation.

The group used to focus on consumers. Within the last few years, the focus has been shifting toward hotels and wellness facilities. The roots of the business date back to 1956 when seven Italian Jacuzzi brothers from Valvasone immigrated to the USA and invented a special pump for one of their family members suffering from arthritis. The first integrated product was the Roman Bath, introduced in 1968 by Roy Jacuzzi.

The original product was a mere bathtub. Later bigger basins followed so that the whole family was able to use them together. In order to ensure constant water temperature and cleanliness, the brothers kept on developing ever new products and invented the first spa. The French branch office was founded in 2005. Today, the company is not family-owned any more. There are several shareholders. Besides its sales subsidiaries, the group operates production units in the USA, France and Italy.

The French production facilities concentrate on the manufacture of showers. With a staff of 55, the French office achieves an annual turnover of over 20 million EUR. Mr. Bridot has every reason to be optimistic about the future. “Our business is based on four values,” he says. “These are health, pleasure, performance and design. These values meet the spirit of the time. People are placing ever-more emphasis on staying healthy, relaxation for body and soul, and ambience. I am sure that the hotel sector has much more potential. Today, we are very much focused on the high-end sector of the market. In the coming years, we will bring out new products that aim at the medium market sector. We will expand our portfolio in order to make our products accessible for smaller budgets.”

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