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Fantasies in fabric


“What began as just something to try upon graduating from university has turned into a lifelong passion for me,” says Jerry Farský, Managing Director. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Farský has helped turn Jerry Fabrics from a dream into a successful reality.

Being located in Prague was a natural choice for the company because the Czech Republic has been a textile hub throughout large portions of history. Today, it is less about actually making the products and more about importing them from Asia to Europe. Those in the business no longer have to solely concern themselves with making the end product, but have to cast a much wider net and foray into the complicated world of sales and logistics.

Furthermore, the structure of the products has changed as well, with half of them being non-licensed and half being licensed. Jerry Fabrics has licenses with Disney and Marvel. The firm produces items like bed sets, pillows, bathrobes and more with notable characters from films like “Frozen,” “Star Wars,” “Despicable Me” and many others.

Products from popular children’s television shows such as “Bob the Builder” and franchises like Spiderman are also sold by the company. For some of the licensed products sold, Jerry Fabrics holds the license for all of Eastern Europe. For other products, the license is only for the Czech Republic.

For non-licensed goods, the business offers its clients towels, sheets, robes, bedding, printed fabric and many other options. Coated fabrics are becoming more popular with consumers and make up about 10% of the firm’s revenue.

“Our coated fabrics can be produced with a water repellent, PVC or acrylic finish, all done to a customer’s unique needs and specifications,” explains Mr. Farský.

To keep up its reputation of being dependable and fast, Jerry Fabrics has a large warehouse to the northeast of Prague. All licensed products are kept in stock, and non-licensed products are made to order. “When we receive an order for an assortment of non-licensed items, we make sure they are produced and shipped directly to the buyer,” says Mr. Farský.

The business has its own team of designers and also works with external designers when the need arises. Clients may choose to work with a designer from one of the firm’s suppliers, as well, because the company likes to provide a lot of  options to its customer base.

Typical buyers include wholesalers, retailers and e-shops. In order to reach more clients in this very competitive sector, the company has its own catalogue, attends industry trade fairs like Heimtextil in Frankfurt and provides a personal touch by visiting customers multiple times a year while also keeping up regular contact via telephone.

“We offer quality products at reasonable prices and have built up a reliable reputation,” adds Mr. Farský. “This is what keeps customers coming back to us.” Future plans for Jerry Fabrics include maintaining its market position while also continuing to grow. The business wants to sell even more licensed products and do business with more suppliers, expanding its reach.

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