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“Our speciality is the design and construction of silent brakes,” he explains. “In addition to this, we are experts in passive system components instead of maintenance-intensive hydraulic systems.”

Since its foundation in 2003, the Jungblut group has equipped more than 40,000 wind turbines worldwide. Thanks to top quality, hardly any products are showing signs of wear. Especially the coverings are robust and durable.

Altogether, the product portfolio of the Jungblut group encompasses passive yaw sliding bearings, active yaw brake calipers and brake pads for active yaw brake calipers, active rotor brakes, brake pads for dry running and passive applications, and rotor locks. A wide range of accessories and complete hydraulic units complement the product spectrum.

Today, turbine manufacturers as well as operators of wind power plants rely on the company’s solutions. The Jungblut group is well-known across the globe and achieves around 80% of its annual turnover through export activities.

Currently, the USA, Europe, China, Brazil, Korea and India are important markets for the German team. In order to enhance its international contact network and to stage its latest highlights, the company regularly exhibits at international trade fairs, for example in Hamburg or Beijing.

“At present, the US market is very important for us,” says Mr. Jungblut. “Here, we see promising prospects for the coming years. Yet, the European market is showing growth tendencies again. We are well-established in China and enjoy constant growth rates in Brazil. Of course, the most promising market in the coming years will be India.”

Mr. Jungblut sees a strong trend towards passive system components for the coming years. “As passive system components do not need hydraulics, they offer a range of advantages, such as less maintenance, little susceptibility to damage and no leakage risks.

In addition, turbine manufacturers can save up to 40% of their costs. This is exactly what our customers want.” As the Jungblut group is a premium name in passive system components already, Mr. Jungblut has every reason to be optimistic about the future.

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