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A chain of added value in aircraft maintenance


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JOB AIR was founded in 1993 as a maintenance center for small civil aircraft manufactured by the Czech company LET, and later took on the maintenance of SAAB aircraft. During the early 2000s, the then state-owned firm built a new hangar and gained all the necessary approvals to maintain Boeing 737s and Airbus 320s and 330s.

Despite this expansion, the company’s financial situation was dire, and following insolvency in 2017, JOB AIR was acquired by a private Czech holding called Czechoslowak Group a.s. This proved to be a significant turning point and has created the opportunity for JOB AIR to become a leading player in the European market.

“During 2018 and 2019, the company underwent a huge change programme with new management and a complete reorganization of its operations,” explains CEO Vladimir Stulancák, who joined JOB AIR in October 2019 with extensive experience in the industry. “We are now working on re-establishing ourselves in the EMEA market. The signs are very positive; our clients are coming back to us.”

To support this development, the company has constructed a second large hangar which was officially opened in October 2019, providing capacity for up to eight narrow body aircrafts in both hangars.

“Our main hangar can accommodate two wide body aircrafts,” continues Mr. Stulancák. “We will need to decide in the coming months whether we focus on wide bodies or continue to offer a combination. The new hangar also gives us the opportunity to expand our back shops, for example the composite shop.”

We are working on re-establishing ourselves in the EMEA market. The signs are very positive; our clients are coming back to us. Vladimir StulancákCEO

Above all, JOB AIR’s state-of-the-art hangars give the company a real chance of becoming one of the top EMEA names in a field in which, due to lack of capacity, most European clients have been sending their aircraft to Asia for maintenance. “In the meantime, the Asian market is also saturated, so many clients are seeking service providers in Europe again,” says Mr. Stulancák. “This is our chance.”

Although the full spectrum of aircraft maintenance is JOB AIR’s core business, the company also offers additional services such as logistics – full supply chain solutions encompassing parts, consumables, chemicals, and component exchange and repair – and painting, including interior and cosmetic refinishing, for all narrow-body airliners.

Another feature of the JOB AIR portfolio is the theoretical and practical training it provides to aircraft maintenance technicians of third-party organizations. The company is an EASA Part 147-approved training organization for Boeing 737 CL and NG, and Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321. “We are a true one-stop solution,” the CEO underlines. “We have modern facilities, equipment and technology, and everything is on hand. At the local airport, we can accommodate over 100 parked aircraft.”

Although price, flexibility and turnaround times are extremely important in the aircraft industry, quality is also a priority, and JOB AIR is recruiting qualified and licensed staff from around the world to support its expansion plans. “Our target is 150 over the next two years,” reveals Mr. Stulancák. “We want to grow, and for that we need new talent which is very hard to find. In the Czech Republic it is hard to compete on salary, but we offer a positive atmosphere and good career development opportunities.”

In 2020, the recruitment focus will be on East Europe, Russia, and Asia. Other priorities for the year include enhancing operational efficiency via smart tools and web based applications, and ISO certification. “We are fully booked for the next three to four months and are already one of the market leaders in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to sell complete lines and cover the whole value-added chain through our painting and composites shops,” Mr. Stulancák sums up. “These shops constitute the added value that will ensure financial success, which is, of course, my ultimate target.”