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Strong growth, low emissions


JP Spedition & Transport is one of the fastest growing transportation firms in the Czech Republic. The company was founded by Jan Pavlíček in 1998 and initially concentrated on maritime and container transport.

In 2004, JP Spedition & Transport started developing the international road transport market and began establishing its own fleet of vehicles. Today, the Czech freight forwarder, which started off as a one-man business, has 170 employees.

In 2015, JP Spedition & Transport turned over 300 million CZK, which corresponds to an increase by more than two thirds compared to the previous year (178 million CZK). “The biggest milestone for the company was the year 2009,” states CEO Jan Pavlíček. “The company had to react to the arising economic crisis as flexibly as possible. Clients needed to save quickly on transport in order to sell their products and started to make use of carriers with their own fleet. That was the time when we bought the first truck equipped with GPS tracking, an almost unknown technology at that time.”

To a large extent, the sustained success of JP Spedition & Transport is based on the company’s modern fleet of vehicles which is continuously growing. “We offered our clients unseen possibilities and started to expand our vehicle fleet,” explains Mr. Pavlíček. “It grew at a constant rate and, within the past seven years, has reached 110 trucks until the present day.”

This above-average growth was quite the opposite experienced by many competitors in the period after The European economic crisis.

“While carriers in Europe were going bankrupt or were at a standstill, our company developed quickly and started to give clients what they asked for: a human approach, honesty, and friendly communication,” says Mr. Pavlíček. “We are not only carriers for our clients. They know that we are also partners who will deliver their goods in time and that we do this with love for the job. Our employees are a great asset of our company. They are keen workers ready to advise or help the customer at any time.”

In addition to the size of its vehicle fleet and its excellent customer orientation, it is the environmental friendliness of the vehicles and the strong commitment to a clean environment that is responsible for the flourishing development of JP Spedition & Transport.

“Our fleet is very modern, and more than 75% of the vehicles comply with the Euro 6 standard,” states Mr. Pavlíček. “The rest complies with EEV or Euro 5. All vehicles are insured by the German ERGO insurance group, and insurance coverage of the carried goods is 600,000 EUR. All our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system and each client can track his goods. The whole fleet is covered by a five-year full service all around Europe and in case of a breakdown or accident, immediate help is provided or the vehicle is replaced so that the shipment is always delivered on time.”

Currently, JP Spedition & Transport has 20 vehicles in domestic carriage in the Czech Republic and 15 refrigeration trailers for EU clients, the rest being low-deck trailers or units cruising highways all over Europe.

Another milestone for JP Spedition & Transport is the year 2016 when the company started cooperating with ECODrive to teach drivers how to maintain fuel-efficient and safe driving. “At present, even though drivers are allegedly scarce, inflexible drivers leave our company and new, more capable ones are hired,” explains Mr. Pavlíček. “An interview at our company takes two to six hours, and only after that is the driver taken on or rejected. Even at this time, we have a surplus of drivers, which allows us to choose the most suitable ones. Our clients like and welcome our approach greatly. They are the ones who get in contact with the drivers most often, and that is why we keep in mind the drivers’ excellence.”

In March, JP Spedition & Transport opened its new truck and trailer repair center in Kralupy nad Vltavou, and a warehouse for its clients is to be opened this year close to a highway in the vicinity of Prague.

“As from July, we will be offering our clients the abovestandard service of e-mailing the appropriate documents immediately after loading and unloading,” concludes Mr. Pavlíček.

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